Jeanie Martin Ministries has been a true blessing in my spiritual growth. Rev. Jeanie’s teachings always help me to dig deeper into God’s Word and pull out hidden treasures during my study time. She’s also very supportive in my walk and I’m thankful to be a part of this ministry.

Cherese A. Testimonial_Cherese

I came across Jeanie Martin Ministries via Instagram during the winter of my life. Her encouraging words and compassionate heart were my only sunshine. She not only prayed and stood in the gap for me, she also saw me through my valley experience into my victory and still continues to lift me up. She is … More Sandra L.

Sandra L.

I met Jeanie on Instagram in 2013. We instantly became spiritual sisters. She has encouraged me greatly through the years and continues to do this today. So many times I have come to her in a crisis and she is right there waiting to lift me up. She never judges me and is honest, trustworthy … More Angela F.

Angela F.

Min. Jeanie Martin has been an invaluable blessing in my life. I can always count on her for godly advice, understanding, compassion, prayer, and even laughs. She is an authentic follower of Jesus Christ and a strong leader within the body of Christ. One of the things that stands out to me about Min. Jeanie … More Moriah O.

Moriah O.

First, I would like to give thanks to God. I am a true believer in the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Three years ago, I had back surgery. I was going through some difficult times with my health and that’s when God started connecting the dots in my life with Jeanie Martin Ministries. With … More Evelyn W.

Evelyn W.

I, too, met Jeanie on Instagram a few years ago, and we instantly connected because of the same mission. She’s an amazing gift and blessing to me, the body of Christ, to the lost, broken, and sick because of her love, compassion, encouragement, inspiration, and wisdom. She has a heart after God, His will, and … More Jason G.

Jason G.

“Jeanie and I became Instagram friends over two years ago. At first, I didn’t know about Jeanie Martin Ministries but I fell in love with her spirit and her kind words of encouragement to me, her “always on-time” prayers and Bible verses posted almost daily on Instagram, and her sweet comments on my pictures. It … More Donna A.

Donna A.

Minister Jeanie and I became acquainted initially through social media and what a blessing that has been! I honestly have never met a sweeter spirit who just loves people with the love of Christ.  She has been nothing but encouraging to me, especially when I was going through a painful divorce, she just loved on … More Cathy W.

Cathy W.

Rev. Jeanie’s daily devotions on Instagram have been a total blessing to me through the years. I even got in contact with her about speaking on our radio show and she has been a guest speaker several times. She has done a great job on the show and she is a wonderful teacher of the … More Elsa M.

Elsa M.

I have been following Jeanie Martin Ministries on Instagram for a very long time, I actually don’t remember when I began following. I am the one who always gets leaned on for emotional support, uplifting, and guidance, and sometimes that can become very draining mentally and spiritually. I can always depend on Rev. Jeanie to … More Bridgette M.

Bridgette M.

“I was blessed to meet this Lovely Lady on social media, Instagram, a few years ago. Her God-given light drew me to her. Her Instagram profile is surely a light on social media. Her profile posts are inspirational, inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and uplifting. Most importantly she shares the unadulterated word of God. We’ve created a … More Tiffany B.

Tiffany B.

What a blessing…through divine intervention and God’s grace, I met Jeanie back in 2012 at a critical time in my life. I didn’t know it then but Jeanie would become my very own prayer warrior and inspirational force in my prayer life. Over the years Jeanie’s ministry has covered me in prayer, and it gave … More Stephanie C.

Stephanie C.

Rev. Jeanie Martin is an amazing woman of God, always putting her biological and spiritual family first. Posting daily devotionals to feed the spiritually sound and those seeking salvation, with a dose of God’s Word before the sun rises. Her ministry shouts truth, and light, and shows grace and mercy to all. Not only is … More Joy W.

Joy W.

I feel very blessed to be able to share my testimony of what Jeanie Martin Ministries means to me. First, I always give glory to God and thank him for waking me up every morning and blessing me with good physical health and a sound mind. Prior to June 2013, I was not on any … More Sabrina S.

Sabrina S.

God placed Jeanie Martin into my life through Instagram.  I was going through a really difficult time dealing with severe chronic pain due to health issues I dealt with, and Jeanie always commented with such kindness and godly spirit.  I was always left encouraged and she continues to inspire me daily with her awesome posts. … More Kelly W.

Kelly W.

Jeanie Martin Ministries has been a big help to me as I am going through my journey of stage 4 colon cancer. I thank our Heavenly Father for introducing me to Jeanie. I’m thankful for her prayers, and her kind and encouraging words. She gives me inspirational help when I’m feeling down. Jeanie is available … More Tracey F. J.

Tracey F. J.

Coming across Minister Jeanie Martin’s blog was not by chance, but clearly ordained by God. What a gift she has been in my life as her love for Father God jumps off every post she publishes. It is obvious that her only mission is to chase after Him and ensure all glory, honor, and praise … More Johanna E.R.

Johanna E.R.

Minister Jeanie Martin has blessed me in such a way that has allowed me to want to continue to follow her ministry. I battle with a chronic illness and other health issues, and she is always there to bless me with a word of encouragement and prayers. Times when I feel like giving up, all … More Melody F.

Melody F.

Jeanie Martin Ministries has made a huge impact on my daily Christian walk to stay focused and positive in times like these. With so much chaos in the world today, it is refreshing to have a consistent follower of Christ to spread his unfailing love and the power of the word. Jeanie does not sugar-coat … More Katrina R.

Katrina R.

I was reading scriptures on my Instagram and came across Jeanie Martin Ministries and instantly felt connected to her. I felt I could truly talk to her and not be judged. Like most of us I am learning that we all are or have gone through something in our life. I wrote to her seeking … More Aquilla A.

Aquilla A.

I have followed Rev. Jeanie Martin on social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and now Jeanie Martin Ministries. She has been a tremendous blessing to me personally. I appreciate her insight and encouragement and her genuine truthfulness in rightly dividing the Word of God. Min. Jeanie has been a great instrument of God as a minister, … More Sandra R. G.

Sandra R. G.

Jeanie Martin Ministries has been a gigantic inspiration to me! Many times during tough seasons, days, and even moments, I would see her posts and messages of encouragement underneath them, and receive fresh wind and inspiration for the day. Jeanie is always such a pleasure to talk to. Over the years I have seen her … More Chelisse L.

Chelisse L.

Rev. Jeanie has a true heart for God’s people! From the daily reminders of how GREAT God is and who He created me to be, to the encouragement she gives to the biblical lessons she teaches. Jeanie is a pleasure to experience and encounter from the comfort of your home through a variety of social … More LaQuisha H.

LaQuisha H.

I believe in divine connections and I am so glad God connected me with Jeanie Martin via social media. Jeanie is truly my sister in Christ. Her genuine love for God was quite evident at the onset of our initial conversation and has remained true ever since. I love her thirst for  God’s wisdom and … More Nikki R.

Nikki R.

I came across Jeanie Martin Ministries on Instagram about 2 years ago. Since then her posts and comments have deepened my walk with the Lord. But, I want to talk about her character. In the last two years, she has proven her faithfulness to me. She truly walks in the fruit of the Spirit in … More Tom H.

Tom H.

I met Jeanie Martin Ministries on Instagram about 2 years ago, and I follow her on Periscope also.  I look forward to her daily words of wisdom and Scriptures, which help me to get through my day. I believe that God placed her in my life for a reason. Jeanie is a true “Woman of … More Paulette C.

Paulette C.

Jeanie Martin Ministries has been and still is, a very valuable asset to my day-to-day motivation. I met Lady Jeanie through social media Instagram, I think it was an instant connection. She shared some of her awesome friends with me, and the relationship between us became stronger. Her posts are uplifting, and I enjoy how … More Helen M. L.

Helen M. L.

Jeanie Martin Ministries has truly been a blessing to me. I follow Jeanie and her words of encouragement have helped me to refocus many times. Jeanie thank you for your obedience and sacrifice.

Zanetta T.

Where do I start?  Rev. Jeanie and I initially connected via a book giveaway she was hosting in support of an author. I won the giveaway and she contacted me immediately with the good news. I was excited to receive my prize. However, there was a slight incident with the book delivery.  Even though it … More Kimmie C.

Kimmie C.

I started following Jeanie on Instagram a few years ago. I was instantly drawn to her love for Christ and sharing His Word. Her posts are uplifting, motivating, and thought provoking, with solid biblical teaching. Her daily posts encourage me to examine myself in light of God’s Word and to dig deeper into His Word. … More LaTisha P.

LaTisha P.

I first met Rev. Jeanie when a friend of mine on social media introduced me to her page. She has been a consistent source of support and encouragement, providing great biblical advice for issues across the board! It’s always refreshing to read her posts, particularly during hard times because I feel renewed. God’s blessings are … More Josie A.

Josie A.

I first met my Rev. Jeanie on Instagram about a year ago. I first noticed the inspirational postings and once we became friends on IG I loved the way we connected. Her responses and friendship have meant much to me, but most importantly she is a Teacher of the Word of God which is so … More Cynthia O.

Cynthia O.

My name is Carolyn. I Love the Lord and enjoy encouraging people, especially women in the Lord. I met Rev. Jeanie about a year and a half ago through Instagram. We immediately connected and I felt like she was one of my best friends from the start. I am an encourager and when I went … More Carolyn D.

Carolyn D.

What a blessing Rev. Jeanie has been to me, consistently over the years! We became friends virtually via Instagram, I’d say about 3 years ago.  I can’t tell you how many times her inspirational words from God have met me exactly in the place I needed! I love her spirit, and although we haven’t met … More Julie H.

Julie H.

Jeanie Martin Ministries has been one of the strongest influences in my life ever since I met her on Instagram back in 2018. After suffering a series of personal setbacks, family tragedies, and other emotional upheavals over the last several years, I was at a point in my life where I was searching for answers … More Gregory B.

Gregory B.

Minister Jeanie is a blessing to the kingdom and her impact has been inspirational and encouraging to me. She is definitely a light bearer and I appreciate her faithfulness to share Jesus with the world!

Denise M.

“I met Rev. Jeanie on Instagram and have been really encouraged by her genuine and kind heart for our Lord.  Jeanie is faithful to pray, for which I have been so grateful.  Her heart for others is expressed in her post and devotion to Jesus. I have been extremely blessed by her 10-day prayer/fasting focus … More Deborah D.

Deborah D.

Glory to God!I love sister Jeanie Martin Ministries. Jeanie’s Instagram posts are full of truth. The Spirit-filled teachings bring a deeper understanding of God’s wisdom and knowledge to the children of God. I’m encouraged to fight the good fight of faith. Your Ministry is one of excellence!

Ann S.

I became acquainted with Jeanie Martin in the infancy of my Instagram startup (well over 6-7 yrs ago, and I’m still connected). Since that time she has truly been a blessing to me and others. I have nothing but love, respect, and admiration for this amazing woman of God. She has the sweetest and most … More Debra J.

Debra J.

Jeanie Martin Ministries has truly impacted my life ever since I connected with her ministry on Instagram. This woman of God truly has an anointing on her life.  The way she teaches God’s word has changed my mindset on a lot of different things that she has taught. Her teachings make you dig into God’s … More Mitchell W.

Mitchell W.

Rev. Jeanie Martin is a servant-hearted minister of the word of God with a genuine love for all people and the spiritual condition of their souls. It wasn’t long after I started following her on social media that I began to sense the teaching mantle given to her from the Lord to edify, exhort, and … More Lynn M.

Lynn M.