Sabrina S.

I feel very blessed to be able to share my testimony of what Jeanie Martin Ministries means to me. First, I always give glory to God and thank him for waking me up every morning and blessing me with good physical health and a sound mind.

Prior to June 2013, I was not on any social media platforms, and at the urging of my son, who lives in New York, I asked my 14-year-old daughter to set up an Instagram account for me. Shortly after that, I came across a page belonging to a Christian woman posting scriptures, and through a particular Scripture, I felt as though I was personally being spoken to. I felt the love of GOD and was very encouraged in CHRIST. Immediately I became a follower on her page, and I found out the page belonged to a lovely godly inspired lady, Rev. Jeanie.

What I love about her page, then and now, is that she encourages through the Scriptures. I love the way Rev. Jeanie explains the Scriptures to give the reader a deeper understanding. Her explanations are intelligent and articulate, even a scholar could relate. She could break the Scriptures down, if necessary, in a more simplistic fashion making it easily understandable as in layman’s terms.

Her presentations are usually one of visual beauty, and her loving spirit and true love of GOD were evident to me right away, which makes her what the Bible calls us to be, “AMBASSADORS of CHRIST.” I feel blessed and I’m grateful to call Jeanie my sister in CHRIST.

Based on the positive comments shared by those who follow Jeanie on Instagram, we share the same appreciation for her Gift of God’s Light and Love. Jeanie, thank you for these 2 &  1/2 years of fellowshipping with you. I pray that GOD will continue to use you to further the GOSPEL of our LORD and Savior, JESUS CHRIST.