Helen M. L.

Jeanie Martin Ministries has been and still is, a very valuable asset to my day-to-day motivation. I met Lady Jeanie through social media Instagram, I think it was an instant connection. She shared some of her awesome friends with me, and the relationship between us became stronger. Her posts are uplifting, and I enjoy how she just flows through the word of God with clarity of God’s Plan for day-to-day living. We have supported each other’s ministries for a while now. I remember feeling compelled to say, “Thank you” to Jeanie.  I am humbled that she calls me friend.

“Grace, Love, and Peace” my Sister Queen. You are a Beautiful, Passionate, and Powerful crafted Butterfly. Continue to listen to God’s heart and spread your wings, and FLY!!!  My motto is “Each One Touch One”  #HereToInSpire