Donna A.

“Jeanie and I became Instagram friends over two years ago. At first, I didn’t know about Jeanie Martin Ministries but I fell in love with her spirit and her kind words of encouragement to me, her “always on-time” prayers and Bible verses posted almost daily on Instagram, and her sweet comments on my pictures. It only made sense that she was the face behind Jeanie Martin Ministries. Over the years, she’s become somewhat like a spiritual mother to me and I have often gone to her page in search of an uplifting Bible verse or word from her. Recently, she has expanded to Periscope with some Bible study classes and I have loved each one that I have been blessed to be a part of.

Jeanie, you’re truly a Woman of God and I hope that you recognize the impact you’re making in people’s lives, especially for those of us that have never even met you in person. I have said this before and I will say it again, I can’t wait to meet you and have at least a cup of tea with you; I’m sure it will be an awesome time. I pray that God continues to use you and speak through you. Your presence online is truly refreshing. I am glad that even though others have had negative things to say about social media sites, you chose to build a platform on a site like Instagram. I am even prouder that you’ve stayed all these years and have remained true to God, yourself, and your followers. God bless you!”