Aquilla A.

I was reading scriptures on my Instagram and came across Jeanie Martin Ministries and instantly felt connected to her. I felt I could truly talk to her and not be judged. Like most of us I am learning that we all are or have gone through something in our life. I wrote to her seeking advice in a dark time in my life. I get depressed, lost, and feel alone. I felt like each mistake I made kept coming back. Her words of encouragement and all her prayers is what keeps me going. At times when I truly feel like giving up, I can always count on her to talk me out of it and to keep pushing forward. I love how God sent me to her with all the people posting scriptures on their pages it was her that I was drawn to. I will never question why.  It was meant to be. She is truly a Godly women and I am so blessed to have the honor of talking to her and getting the strength I need to keep myself in this world for my children and really for myself. It’s how we handle the situations that make us stronger. Rev. Jeanie is teaching me that. I will be forever grateful to her. I wish her many blessings and much love. She doesn’t know what a blessing she is to me.