Strength In The Time of Need

Screenshot_2014-06-10-12-17-16-1Heavenly Father, Creator of heaven and earth, Creator of life,

I come to you in prayer and in faith believing that you hear me and that you will grant my petition that I bring before you. You know the secrets of my heart and you know my needs, you know my struggles and my failures, you know what I am facing today.

I seek your help today to find strength and relief from my struggles, from oppression, depression, and any sickness in my body or mind. I ask for you peace that surpasses all understanding. Your word tells me that you are my present help in my time of need and that you are my strength in time of trouble.. Father I acknowledge that I can not do this alone and I need you. Your word says that you will deliver and save those that trust in you.

Lord, I trust you I depend on you and not myself. I believe and rely on your word of truth. I commit my life to you for you are more than able to keep me safe from all that would harm me. I release my struggle to work out my problems and I rest and wait on you to do exceedingly and abundantly all that I can ask, think or imagine. As I wait and rest I am confident and expectant that all is well and I have peace. You are a great God, the Almighty and I delight myself in you as you give my great joy and satisfaction.

Help me to release any anger and bitterness that I may be holding in my heart or mind so that I will not do evil but what is good and that I do not hinder your blessing in my life. I will think only on those things that are good and lovely and brings a good report. I will not think on what is evil.

Thank you Father for hearing and answering my prayer, in the name of Jesus, the name above every name I pray. Amen it is so and so it is.

Prayer Reference Psalm 37

Prayer Submitted by: Minister Sandra Griffin