A Cry For Help

Screenshot_2014-06-11-09-55-54-1Hear my hearts cry,

I come to Jesus because I am in desperate need of help. My heart is shattered, broken into a million pieces. My life is all out of order and I know that only you can restore it. Your word says that you are the healer of the broken hearted. I’ve been directed to go just directly to you. I’ve never come to you before, but I’ve never been this desperate before.

Hear my cry o’ Lord Jesus, hear my desperate pleas. I have nowhere else to turn to, you are my last hope. I’m a sinner and I ask for your forgiveness. I understand when I sin I hurt our relationship. I want to be free from my sin, and you can set me free. I cry out from the depth of my soul for deliverance from all that holds me hostage.

Thank you in advance for moving in my life.


Prayer submitted by: Jane Harris

Instagram: @sissie2u