HEY, It Didn’t Just Happen For Lazarus!

Recently my husband underwent a surgical procedure. The next day we headed home. Not long after, a healthcare nurse and a physical therapist notified us that they were assigned to make home visits with my husband twice a week.

A week later, my husband had complications from the prescribed medication. I talked with the nurse about my concerns, and she concluded that the pain pills were too strong for him. My husband decided to stop taking the pills. However, the medication was still in his system.

I noticed that my husband wasn’t his usual self. He was lying on the bed and asked me to elevate his head. He began coughing harshly and complained that he couldn’t breathe. He started vomiting profusely. I quickly dialed 911 when I saw him gasping for air.

The operator instructed me to get him on the floor, put one of my hands behind his neck and the other on his forehead, and lean my ear to his mouth. I couldn’t hear him breathing. She told me to look at his chest to see if it was rising and falling. But it wasn’t.

I looked at my husband’s face, his eyes rolled up into his head, and he was gone! In amazement, I said, “he’s dead; he’s dead!” The operator yelled, “Open the front door! I opened the front door, and the paramedic came rushing in.

They surrounded my husband and started working on him. They put him on the gurney, and out the front door they went. They put him in the ambulance and told me to follow them to the hospital in my vehicle. However, I was too nervous to drive. One of the paramedics offered to drive me there in my vehicle.

While waiting for the ambulance to lead, one of the paramedics came to my vehicle, knocked on the window, and motioned us to roll it down. This is what he said…




GOD BROUGHT MY HUSBAND BACK TO LIFE! He used His angels to carry out His Will.


If you feel that your life isn’t progressing and you feel like giving up and in. Don’t do it. God can supply all of your needs. Always remember to pray first. He will answer you.




Resource: Holy Bible, “The Death and Resurrection of Lazarus,” John 11:1-46.

12 thoughts on “HEY, It Didn’t Just Happen For Lazarus!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for reading my testimony and for inquiring of my husbands current condition. He’s recovering well and per doctors orders he has to continue taking it easy for awhile. I appreciate you stopping by! God bless you.

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