Defeating Fear

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of heights, or noises that are heard in the silence of the night? Fear can be described as a state of fright that can cause illusions. These feelings can be accompanied by stress, worry, anxiety, and even paranoia, which are the main causes of physical illnesses, and mental disorders.

We all have experienced fear at different stages and times throughout our lives. Whether we fear failure, rejection, loneliness, or death, no one is immune to having feelings of fear. The acronym for fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real.” It takes up residence in our minds and eventually becomes a continuous thorn in our flesh. It’s a joy-taker and a peace-thief.

Are you aware that the enemy is not after you for your stuff?  He does not need your money, your house, or your car. He wants your mind, your joy, your faith, and your peace. He wants you to doubt God’s Word and every promise that God has made you. Lies and deception are the ammunition that satan uses to cause you to doubt the possibility of happiness and success. Doubt takes hold of our emotions and gains the upper hand in our thought. Don’t let satan rent a room in your mind. Serve him an eviction notice. Don’t be a prisoner held captive in your own mind!

Here’s a Scripture for you to stand on: “God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of love, power, and a sound mind”; (2nd Timothy 1:7). Do not believe the lies of the enemy. Fear is a spirit and this spirit did not come from God. Rebuke the devil!

Our deliverance from fear and worry is based on faith. Faith is the opposite of fear. When fear strikes, you must face your fears “Head On!” The only way to overcome feelings of fear is to “DO” whatever that thing is that frightens you. By faith stand on God’s promises found in His Word. Press your way and you will discover that fear gets less intimidating when you stand up and face it. Be aggressive and shout “devil you can’t have my joy! and you can’t take my peace!”

Prayer: Father, as I place my faith and trust in you, help me to confidently rest in Your peace. Your word says that You have not given me a spirit of fear, because fear is from the enemy. Today, I confess fear has no place in my life. I’m kicking fear out now! Good-bye fear!! I’m no longer afraid of you. I’m reclaiming my peace.  From now on I’m walking in my God-given authority. No fear here! In Jesus’ Name Amen.

Peace be unto you!


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