Welcome Back, I’ve Been Waiting!

Jesus told a parable of two sons. He devoted the first part of the parable to the younger son who desired his inheritance before time, and he wasted it in a binge of reckless spending and extravagant living; (Luke 15:11-32).

Shortly after, there was a famine in the land, and with everything spent it was imperative for him to find a job. Upon his search, a farmer hired him to feed his swine. He fed them daily, but he had nothing to eat, and no one would give him any food.

Humiliated, he realized his mistakes, and he longed to return home where there wasn’t any lack. Without any further ado, he started his journey home. From afar, his father saw him coming, and he noticed that his son was poorly dressed. With great compassion, he ran to meet him. He hugged him dearly and kissed him over and over again.

Feeling remorseful the son said, “Father, I was selfish and greedy. I don’t deserve to be your son.” The father interrupted him, saying, “Son, you’re home now, that’s all that matters!”

The lesson of the prodigal son teaches us that unsatisfied feelings can cause us to stumble and get off the path that leads to the good life that God has planned for our future. He promised to give us a favorable future, however, he didn’t provide a timeline. Being unhappy, and anxious, accompanied by wrong thinking can cause us to abandon meaningful things for temporal things. Eventually, we’ll fall short. Having a lack of patience tends to lead us on a journey that we never intended to take.

The prodigal son ventured far from home and ended up with an empty wallet, an empty stomach, and no friends; and all that was left was a starving soul. Once he realized his mistake, he changed his mind, and he decided to return home. He didn’t know if his father would receive him, but he had nothing else to lose.

The moral of this parable is how unconditionally ABBA loves us without judgment or chastisement when we make mistakes. The father knew that the time had come for his son to be taught life’s love lessons. The prodigal son left home full, but he returned empty, having a void of everything except what matters most, “LOVE.”

Many of us can identify with the prodigal son because we too have made similar mistakes. Thinking that we’re ready to go out into the world, seeking to gain riches and fame. However, making bad decisions left us empty, alone, and ashamed. But, like the father in the parable, our heavenly Father is waiting with open arms to receive us. He knows that we are repented in our hearts for our sin.  Upon our repentance He forgives us. and He receives us with open arms, gladness, and joy. Just as the father in this parable, received his son with opened arms and an abundance of love, we can be assured of the unmatchable incredible love that our heavenly Father has for us.


My prayer is for all who have strayed from home to recall the love of ABBA and return to His loving arms. May you receive a harvest of righteousness in Christ Jesus and benefit from all that God has in store for your future. With great appreciation, may you honor and obey God’s holy word, walk in love, and share the love of God with others. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back, I’ve Been Waiting!

  1. I love the story of the prodigal son. It reminds me of how Jesus stands with His arms open ready to receive us. For it is salvation awaiting for anyone who will come.


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