What 2020 Birthed in Me

2020 has shown itself to be an unpredictable and challenging year. I can remember the excitement of just seeing the numbers “2020” come to pass. This was going to be the year of God’s favor on His people. We were expecting to experience a new year of double blessings. We believed, confessed, and expected God’s best for 2020, and we claimed it, confessing, “It’s a season of overflowing blessings.”

However, if truth be told, in all of my adulting days dwelling on this planet, nothing has ever come close to the challenges that accompanied 2020—these challenges brought an unknown fear that we’ve never faced before.

“Covid-19 has invaded the planet! Unemployment and foreclosures increased, and of all things, toilet paper was scarce. I asked myself, Why is this happening? and Where is God in all of this?

“Let’s take a look at the spiritual side of things and compare the truth of the Bible and the reality of the challenges that 2020 has presented. The Bible is a book of faith. You must first believe before you can see the unseen. For example, God is a spirit, and they who worship him must worship him in spirit and truth; (John 4:24). Just because you have not seen God does not mean that He does not exist. And without faith living within us, it is impossible to please God; (Heb. 11:6 TPT).

Proverbs 3:5 tells us, “To trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not into thine own understanding.” When the Word is made flesh in your life, you are coming into a covenant agreement with God. We grow into a personal relationship with God as we spend time with Him. As we align our will with His will, we learn to discern divine things.

My challenge came after listening to daily news reports of the devastating effects of the virus. An announcement was made warning the world of a state of emergency order that was put in place due to astronomical numbers of Covid-19 related cases and deaths. There were drastic measures taken as an attempt to limit the rate of cases that were reported each day. Laws were being established, commanding the public to limit their travels and stay indoors. Wearing a face mask is required when frequenting public places. Keeping our hands and our homes sanitized and limiting the number of visitors to a minimum is wise during this early stage of the virus. Social distancing is a requirement that positioned every patron in the market place six feet away from the next. All of these things were unexpected; there was no way to know or plan ahead for it.

But, it seemed as there was a separate set of stipulations for the elite. If you’re speaking from a podium, you don’t need a mask. If you’re rallying in public or participating in a group supporting a political candidate, wearing a mask isn’t a necessity. Never the less, there was an urgent need for a vaccine because of the devastating number of deaths related to the virus.


There is too much confusion associated with this virus. The necessity for developing an emergency vaccine that has not been fully tested leaves too many unanswered questions and unknown side effects. I believe that God is the supreme ruler over the entire universe. There isn’t anything done without His permissive will. He sits on the throne as Lord over all the earth.

When God created mankind, he designed the human body to heal itself. He gave us a manual that reveals how we should respond spiritually and naturally to the body’s needs; all we have to do is read it. There isn’t a virus created that God doesn’t know about forehand. I just believe that the virus is a sign that God is calling for man’s attention. I strongly believe that God has commanded us to be still, focus on Him, and know that He is God. I am confident that God is in the good times and the bad times. Being all-knowing and excellent in character, God has a pre-existing plan already in place for the future.

“Let this mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus” – Apostle Paul (Phil. 2:5)

In this new year, 2021, look for the foundational promises. This is when the blessing comes into your life. Starting with Abraham, God made a promise, saying, “I will surely bless you and multiply your descendants like the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore”; (Gen. 22:18; 28:4).

As promised, God continues to bless the seed of Abraham. Many of us have survived the virus because we stand on foundational promises found in the Word of God. God promised that no evil will befall us, no plague will come near our tents; (Ps. 91:10). God can bless you through Covid-19. He is continuously good throughout every season. Don’t doubt the promises that God has freely given us.

The world is in a state of confusion, but God does his best in the worst conditions. Look beyond the world’s headlines and look for the opportunities. Do not be distracted by the enemy’s folly. Do not let fear govern your life. The only barrier between you and God is the one you create due to doubt and fear of the unknown. Always remember that God knows the end at the beginning. He won’t allow anything to come between His love for you. (Read Romans 8:38-39.)


2021 has ushered in a newly found faith in me. Newly found meaning, I have received a faith that I’ve never seen within myself before. My faith is stronger, wisdom has taken a stance, and I’m standing taller. Fear has no place in my life because God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind; (2nd Tim. 1:7).

I am confident that God protects me during challenging seasons and storms. Whether the lesson is taught from the valley or on the mountain top, I will remain faithful. The Holy Spirit is the teacher, and the lesson that I’ve taken away from 2020 is how to discern spiritual things on a higher level. I have learned to weather the storms and ride them out until Jesus comes walking on water and commands the winds to cease. I’ve learned how to withstand the test of time with patience, and I can endure it wisely because I’ve discerned the season.

Standing on every promise is essential and key to victory. Dressing in our armor is a daily requirement because the battle is real; (Eph. 6:13-18). Covid-19 has presented itself as an unknown stranger that the country had no defense against. Dressing in your armor allows you to stand strong against an unknown enemy upon its arrival. Cover yourself in prayer, pray for your family, friends, and neighbors, and when the enemy shows up, your safety and protection are already in place. Spend time with God and ask Him for the wisdom to withstand every attack beforehand. The enemy has a plan, and our job is to uncover every plot and attack before the enemy strikes.

This is how I fight my battles! The victory is already sealed by the precious blood of Jesus, and my faith in Him ensures me of this. This is what was birthed in me during my challenges in 2020. All glory to God for the marvelous things He has done.

Have a safe and prosperous and “A HAPPY NEW YEAR!”







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