When God Calls

Nearly everyone in the Bible was called by God to come out of their comfort zone to serve Him. Whether Jews or Gentiles, they were expected to answer the call. When God calls, He disrupts our plans to bring His will on earth. Here are a few examples…

“Moses, tell them, “I Am sent you.”

On Mount Horeb, while attending his father-in-law’s flock, the angel of the Lord appeared in a burning bush. Moses’ full attention was on the bush; he pondered why the bush was on fire but was not destroyed. God called Moses from within the burning bush and revealed Himself.

Shortly after this encounter, God sent Moses to speak to the Israelites, and telling them that “I Am sent me.” He also told Moses to go to Pharoah and say, “Let my people go!”

One encounter with God took Moses out of his comfort zone and brought him into a leadership position that he never expected to experience; (Exodus 3:1, 4:23). Total disruption!

“Jonah, Go to Ninevah”

God called Jonah out of his comfort zone and told him to go to Ninevah and preach concerning their wickedness. Jonah did not like the Ninevites, and he didn’t want them to be forgiven for their atrocious behavior. Therefore, Jonah thought that he could divert God’s plans by going to Tarshish. It seems that Jonah was unaware that no one can run away or hide from God.

Because of his disobedience, God sent a big fish that swallowed Jonah, and he spent 3 days and nights inside the fishes’ belly. Total disruption! After the fish vomited Jonah on dry land, out of obedience, he went to Ninevah. He preached, and the people repented, and they were saved; (Jonah 1:1-3,10).

“The Weeping Prophet’s Lament”

Before Jeremiah’s birth, God had plans for his life. He pre-ordained Jeremiah to preach to the rebellious nation of Judah (Jere. 1:4-50). But before sending him, He wanted Jeremiah to know the legist of his calling.

God’s plan for Jeremiah called for him to grieve and suffer extreme disappointment. For this reason, he’s named the weeping prophet for his lamented for the nation. Amid all of the gloom and doom of his messages, Jeremiah was forbidden to marry or have a family, which caused great loneliness; (Jere. 1:7-8). The prophet stood alone, delivering God’s messages. Although the messages were relevant, he wasn’t successful. The children of Israel would not listen to him. He continued to preach but suffered terrible persecution and hatred. The prophet Jeremiah never saw this coming. Total disruption! (Read Jeremiah Chapter 1)

However, at the appointed time, God put an end to Jeremiahs’ laborious assignment for the nation. This is the Lord’s message to him, “Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work, will be rewarded. And they will return from the land of the enemy. There is hope for your descents” (Jere. 31:16-17). *This is a promise!

“God Our Promise Keeper”

Abraham received the promise of an heir at age 75. He and Sarah both were beyond the reproductive stages in their lives. 25 years later, Abraham, at the age of 100, and Sarah, age 90, conceived a child. Abraham believed God, and he prepared to receive an heir.

Their peaceful senior years were disrupted to restore them to youth in preparation for Isaac. Total disruption! (Read Genesis Chapter 18). Because of Abrahams’ faith, he is called the father of faith; (Romans 4:11-12). Abrahams’ faith allowed him to act, and because of that, his faith was credited to him as righteousness; (Genesis 15:6).

“Lazarus Come Forth”

Jesus called Lazarus to come out of the grave four days after his death. This was a magnificent display of God’s power used through His instrument that proved that all power and authority was given to Jesus. Many who witnessed this miracle believed and started following Jesus. But the Pharisees wanted them dead; (Read John Chapter 11).

Next, we’re told that Lazarus was seated next to Jesus dining. From that moment, the chief priests plotted to kill them; (John 12:10-11). Lazarus was awakened out of the most peaceful sleep that he ever experienced. Total disruption beyond the grave!

The main purpose of these events was to reveal God’s will and His glory through the obedience of His Son, Jesus the Christ. The Holy Lamb of God.

In Retrospect

These are examples to us that it is never too late to be used by God. God’s agenda was to build, grow, and mature them into spiritual leaders. These miracles increased their faith in preparation for their assignments.

Things can look as though they’re finished and without hope. But when God speaks, His words produce life and give light. Nothing is too hard for God. He commands with all power and authority. As the CEO of the entire universe, nothing on earth can stop God’s plan from going forth. Place your faith and trust in Him, and speak life.

When God calls, come forth because there’s work to be done in the Kingdom. You have a kingdom assignment that’s designed specifically for you. God lives in you, and this enables you to do all things through Him. He is responsible for seeing you through to the end. Expect to hear God’s voice, and when He calls, answer the call!


Maintaining your focus is the most important matter in your situation. Knowing that God is always with you, leading, guiding, and protecting you is a promise that God maintains to this very day. We must always stand on every promise that God has spoken and written. He promised never to leave us, nor forsake us. He is always with us. Don’t let the enemy throw you off track. Do the work of the Lord and expect to receive His reward because of your obedience. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.  Stand on God’s Promise. Speak his word, and stay out of strife. God is faithful, trust Him to fight your battles.


Father God, You’re a Great and Mighty God, who knows all things at all times. There isn’t anyone who knows your thoughts, for your thoughts and ways are higher than man’s thoughts and ways. Yet you are always mindful of man. Thank You for always being available to hear our prays and for faithfully and favorably answering them.

I pray that whenever You call me, I won’t fail to answer your call. Prepare me for the assignment. Align my heart with your will that I may be fruitful and pleasing to You. I pray for your will to be done in my life, as it is in heaven let it be on earth. Fix my heart on heavenly things, do not let me desire anything that isn’t fruitful or pleasing to You. I choose to fix my mind and heart on the things that glorify you. I choose to fix my heart on things that are lovely, noble, and true. Align my will with your hearts’ desires, that I may glorify You and everything that I do and say. Father God, I ask that You bless every heart and mind that is stayed on You. Comfort, protect, and grant us peace. In Jesus’ Name Amen.


Have a Merry Christmas, Friends!



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