“Don’t Look Back, You’re Not Going That Way!”

Genesis Chapter 19 gives us an account of why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Lot, the grandson of Terah, the son of Haran, and Abram’s (Abraham) nephew, dwelled in Sodom with his wife and two daughters. He chose to live in Sodom even though he knew of their evil practices; (Gen. 13:13). They believed that homosexuality was a high form of human love.

Lot was sitting at the gate where financial and judicial transactions took place. Sitting at the gate means he entered the society of Sodom, and he became a judge there. His position didn’t matter to the men of Sodom because they didn’t respect him; they knew he was a hypocrite; (Gen. 19:9).

God sent two angels to destroy Sodom, they were instructed to only spare Lot and his family. He recognized the angels and portrayed himself to be a good man, inviting them to stay at his house. While they were there, he prepared a feast for them. Before bedtime, the men of Sodom, both young and old, surrounded the house and demanded to have sexual relations with their guests. Lot stepped out of the house, closing the door behind himself, he begged them not to commit evil against these men. He knew their intentions because he had been molested.

With anger, they told Lot to get out of their way! They tried to rush forward and came close to breaking the door down. The angels reached their hand outside and pulled Lot inside and shut the door. Supernaturally they struck every man, young and old with blindness; (v.11). Then the angels warned Lot to flee Sodom because of the impending destruction. They gave him special instructions saying, “Escape for your life and don’t look back!”; (v.17).

Lot went out to speak with his sons-in-law, who were betrothed to marry his daughters. He warned them of the coming wrath, but they thought he was joking. The next morning Lot and his daughters fled as they were told, but his wife lagged behind them. Fire and brimstone fell from heaven and consumed Sodom, Gomorrah, and other cities of the plain. His wife looked back, and instantly she became a pillar of salt; (v. 26). Looking back means considering and paying attention. She disobeyed God’s warning because her heart was tied to the things that she left behind. Her lust for things led to her sin, which led to her death. She’s described as a pillar of salt. A pillar refers to a garrison or a deputy, something set to watch over something else. Lot’s wife is standing watch over the Dead Sea, where no life exists to this day.

Looking Forward, Without Regrets

I am blessed by this teaching because it reveals to us the message of mercy, grace, and the patience God has for people. As sin increases, God deals with it, but not before he gives us a chance to repent. The citizens of Sodom rejected every chance they were given to revere God. However, they allowed their sins to overtake them, and they chose to dwell in sin. Therefore, God blinded them, and then He destroyed the wicked, sinful town and the surrounding towns. Remember Lot’s wife!

“Sin will take you places that you don’t want to go. Keep you longer than you want to stay. Cost you more than you want to pay.” – Dr. Charles Stanley.

Prayer: Lord God, Thank You for this powerful message on looking back at worthless things. Romans 12:2 instructs us not to conform to the patterns of this world but to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. By Your wisdom, we can choose to make the right choices. Psalm 119:105, tells us that Your word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Guide us on the path of righteousness for your namesake. Keep our feet from slipping by the wiles of the enemy. Lead us to streams of living water and allow us to drink, so we can live lives that are fruitful and pleasing unto you. Open our eyes to see all the marvelous things that you have prepared for those who love you. Thank You, Father God. We love you. In Jesus’ Name Amen.



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