Sharing the Love of Christ

The Lord sought a man after his own heart and appointed him ruler over His people; (1 Sam. 13:14).

In the above Scripture, David constantly pursued God’s heart for directions to lead His people. He longed to please God and comply with God’s will.

Two-thirds of the Psalms were penned by David, proving that he sought God’s heart diligently, and he spent countless hours wooing God through praise, worship, and prayer. David knew the value of finding and serving God. Therefore, God exalted David when He confessed that David was a man after His heart.

The Book of Psalms gives us a complete look into God’s heart, and it provides an understanding of the genuine love that God has for us. Today’s Christians have an agenda that suits them for important things to them. Many are not seeking God’s heart but His hand. Laying claim to fame and the promises of blessings is a top priority for many who follow Christ. The things He can do for their advancement outweigh having an up-close and personal relationship with Him.

Think about it for a moment… what’s most important to you? Are you seeking God’s heart or His hand? The quickest way to God’s heart is to seek Him early and earnestly; (Ps. 63:1). Next, we need to study God’s Word and share His love with others. Invite family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers into a friendship relationship with Christ. Encourage them to know all about the love of God through Jesus Christ and testify of God’s goodness. Seek the Lord with tenacity and share your testimony wholeheartedly.