Book Review: Unmasking the Spirit of Injustice. The Truth Never Before Revealed Behind Our Daily Struggles


It has always been the subject of my attention as to why bad things always happen to good people. Why is it that innocent people are the ones that always get hurt? Why is it that evil or evilness always seems to overshadow good or goodness? It’s as if they were fighting against an invisible force that’s opposing all their attempts to move forward in their lives.

What spirit force is behind all these evil and unjust happenings that are occurring around our world? What is this spirit that leaves in its wake a trail of pain, hurt, and destruction?  The spiritual force behind all these inexplicable atrocities has a name and it is called the spirit of injustice, the truth never before revealed behind the struggles we have to face daily.” – Angela Strong

“I have read this book in its entirety, and first of all, I must tell you that I couldn’t put it down. If you’ve been following my journey then you know that I’m a seeker of biblical knowledge and wisdom as it relates to warfare in the spirit realm.

“New Levels, New Devils”, is a popular saying that refers to spiritual advancement within the kingdom of God. As you sharpen your spiritual tools by gaining wisdom, the greater the attacks are from the enemy.

In regards to revelations, the enemy wants to keep you quiet and from exposing him. He uses flaming arrows of distraction and destruction to keep you otherwise busy. However, I refuse to sit quietly while the enemy wreaks havoc in my life, my family, and my friends. Therefore, I keep my armor well oiled, and I am constantly updating my battle strategies to defeat the enemy.

My prayer for you, as you’re reading this, is that you will gain a deeper understanding of how the kingdom of darkness subtly attempts to destroy God’s Kingdom and all who worship Him. May your knowledge increase as you grasp every weapon provided while reading my synopsis of Angela’s powerful masterpiece.” – Jeanie Shepard


One reason God sent Jesus Christ to earth was to bring justice to all people. Ever since the beginning of the Christian faith, there has been the divine purpose to establish a just society, free from all social inequalities including slavery.

If you were to examine the historical background during the time that Jesus walked on earth, analyze and observe the details, you will find that a key characteristic between the working farmers and the elites was done to keep empowering the small group of elites at the expense of the larger, humble community of farmers.

What ruled overall political, social, and religious systems was excessive abuse, intimidation, and injustice. The Bible is clear that this is the work of the devil, and this is the reason that the Son of God appeared; (John 3:7-8).

Jesus was focused on changing social injustices and establishing human respect through love and introducing the concept of social equality. He was aware of what could happen to people who confronted the unjust system of the Roman Empire. He knew firsthand because of what happened to his cousin, John the Baptist; (Matt. 14:10). But none of these worldly circumstances distracted Jesus from focusing on the main reason he came to earth, “to save all souls from the slavery of sin.”

In one sermon Jesus addressed the issue of social injustice; (Matt. 18:3). Here are some of the highlights …


Kingdom access is granted to those who come as little children. This challenged the ecclesiastical establishment because little children were at the bottom of the social ladder and were worth nothing to the elites.


Jesus made a comparison of women being of equal value of the sin of adultery to the same as a man’s sin. This was a huge blow to the spirit of injustice that was operating in the Roman Empire which believed that it was ok for a man to be a polygamist, but for a woman, it was a punishable sin. If she was caught, she was stoned to death; (John 8:7).

Being a fisherman was one of the lowest levels of employment in those days. This position was reserved for brutes and illiterates. However, Jesus selected His inner circle of disciples mainly from this field.


The whole intention of the elites was to fight against the ideas of human equality, equal power, equal economic accessibility, and equal social status. The elites wanted the masses to be crushed and to be expendable. Jesus offered the common people a different outlook, a completely new perspective of how the Kingdom of God really operates, even in things related to their religious customs; (John 18:36).

Jesus intended to break these pre-established concepts of power. He came to counterattack the notion of superiority because of political influence or economic status, or even self-proclaimed social status. Jesus came to change all this with his simple message of love, respect, and true equality for everyone. The fight against the spirit of injustice didn’t end when Jesus ascended into Heaven but continues with the help of the Holy Spirit who guides us to all truth and justice.  Justice is the essence of God’s Kingdom, and it is what rules the universe.


What exactly is the spirit of injustice?

The clandestine spirit is a hidden spirit, secret, concealed spirit. It operates through our social rules or cultures. It may seem that we are doing a normal or common thing, when in fact we are being manipulated by this slimy spirit.

In most nations around the world, we can observe the many practices of exploitation of employees, laborers, and children. The spirit of injustice can be assigned to nations, ministries, families, or individuals’ lives. This spirit can operate through unstoppable chains of tragedies that seem to occur in incremental proportions. One given problem is not completely over when another tragedy begins, and this cycle continues. We must recognize that we are being attacked by the spirit of clandestine.

“Find out what the trigger factor is that allows for this kind of behavior, and why people who operate in these horrible practices lose their human sensibility.” – Excerpt

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Unmasking the Spirit of Injustice. The Truth Never Before Revealed Behind Our Daily Struggles

  1. Amazing testimony and revelation given with this review…I can plainly see how that very same spirit of injustice has been operating within my own family. I’m adding this book to my next purchase list.


    1. Hi Greggy! Thank you for taking the time to read my review. This is definitely an anointed book. After I finished reading the book, I fasted and prayed for 3 days and followed the instructions given for each day of the fast; and I had an amazing breakthrough! I recommend that anyone who may be experiencing a series of unfortunate events to purchase a copy of this book and respond accordingly as they read it. You’re a wise man my friend. Blessing to you.


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