An Act of Faith



At the beginning of Rahab’s story, we’re told that she was referred to as a harlot, a woman of the night. She was the wife of Salmon; (Ruth 4:20-21; Matt.1:4-5; Luke 3:32; I Chr. 2:11). Their son Boaz married Ruth and became the father of Obed, the grandfather of Jesse, and the great-grandfather of David.

According to rabbinic tradition, Rahab was one of the four most beautiful women in the world and was the ancestor of eight prophets, including Jeremiah and the prophetess Huldah.

Jericho was a fortress surrounded by an outer wall and an inner wall. The walls were separated by 15 ft. The outer wall was 80 ft. thick; the inner wall was 14 feet thick. Rahab house was located between the walls; (2:1).

Joshua sent two men secretly to explore the land. They came to Rahab house seeking a place of protection. Rahab hid them on the roof under stalks of flax; she helped them to escape the men who were in pursuit of them; (Josh. 2:6). Rahab sent the king’s messengers on a false trail, and she let the two spies down the outside wall by a rope through the window of her house; (v.15). The Bible does not tell us how Rahab knew of the one true God, but her actions tell us that this Canaanite woman’s declaration of faith led the writer of the Epistle to the Hebrews to include Rahab in the Hall of Faith; (Heb. 11:31).

Rahab may have previously been referred to as a harlot, but after her actions proved her faith God changed her identity and He forever calls her a heroine. When the Israelites captured Jericho, they spared the house with the scarlet cord in the window, it was a sign that a friend of God’s people lived there. Rahab and her entire household were saved because of her actions. Rahab sought the promise and she received it.  Thus, a Canaanite harlot became part of the lineage of King David out of which the Messiah came; (Matt.1:5 KJV).

As you can see from Rahab’s story, when God makes a promise He keeps it throughout thousands of generations. Your occupation doesn’t matter, God can use the least likely person, and turn his or her life around for their good and for His glory. Our God is a Promise Keeper! Like Rahab, serve Him with a sincere heart.


Blessings to you!




References: Holy Bible; Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary; Bible Hub.

Photo Credit: Google Images, Pinterest.

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