Today, it is my desire to brighten your countenance by bringing awareness to the intricate details of our most valuable possession, our exceptional bodies. The human body is GOD’S most prized creation of them all. It’s composed of 37.2 trillion cells, 300 million old cells die every minute, that’s approximately 18 billion cells per hour. The body composes approximately 50-70 billion new cells in the human body daily. The average adult has 100,000 miles of blood vessels. The human brain has over 100 billion nerves. It’s incredible how our vessels are encoded to perform.

Clearly this is the work of an ingenious deity. The complexity of our bodies and its functions prove what Omniscient Creator God is. He knew us before we were born. He is a very detailed and oriented being, numbering every strand of hair on our heads; (Matt. 10:30; Luke 12:7). There is nothing that compares to the encoded processes in our anatomy; these processes are ingeniously designed by God.

God is so very methodical that He designed the woman’s body to conceive human life. Consider the single fertilized cell of a newly conceived life. From that one cell within the womb develop all the different kinds of tissues, organs, and various systems, all working together at the right time in am amazing coordinated process. The hole in the septum between two ventricles in the heart of a newborn infant closes at exactly the right time during the birth process to allow for the oxygenation of the blood from the lungs, which does not occur while the baby is in the womb and is receiving oxygen through the umbilical cord. God thought so highly of women that He chose us to give birth to His most prized possessions, human beings.

Ladies, we are fearfully and wonderfully made on the outside, and we’re made with so much more tender loving care on the inside. So much love that God decided to give us the most incredible names “Mothers, wives, daughters, aunts, and SISTERS! I am proud and grateful to share a few of these names with you. You’re Beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made.

Have a very Happy Mother’s Day Ladies! Blessings of my love to each of you!




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