“Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom,” (Song of Solomon 2:15).

It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine. The little foxes are the “Little sins”, also known as “secret sins”. Let it be known that these so call secret sins can be detrimental to the Christians’ walk.

Allow me to explain, sin is not hidden from God. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. He does not view our sins as significant or insignificant, with God “sin is SIN.” He judges all sin and there are consequences that follow.

“Secret Little Sins”

Gossiping, sexual sins, lying, drug abuse, mental and physical abuse, petty theft, tax fraud, non-tithing, to list a few. Some deeds are done behind closed doors and others in the dark, these sins open the door for foxes to gain access into your life.

  • Gossiping – Gossipers often have the goal of building themselves up by making others look bad and exalting themselves. They speak of the faults and failings of others, or reveal embarrassing or shameful details regarding the lives of others without their knowledge. Romans 1:29b-32, tells us just how serious the sin of gossip is and it characterizes those who are under God’s wrath.
  • Lying – “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”; (Ex. 20:16). The Bible is clear that lying is a sin and is displeasing to God. Jesus identified satan as the father of lies; (John 8:44).
  • Theft – Taking little things such as office supplies from work is stealing! “Thou shall not steal”; (Ex. 20:15).
  • Withholding tithes – “Will a man rob God, in tithes and offerings?”; (Mal. 3:10-11). Some feel as though it isn’t necessary to pay tithes; if not, then why would God accuse anyone of robbing HIM? Tithing is a covenant promise that began with Melchizedek; (Gen. 14:18-20). I would rather give God 10% and keep 90% which comes with a blessing for obedience, than the reverse without a blessing.
  • Dishonest gain – Conducting personal business while on company time is stealing. You  should be working, not chit-chatting on personal calls, nor interacting on social media. It’s dishonest and it prospers nothing.
  • Abuse– Drug abuse, mental or physical abuse, spousal abuse; abuse is the misuse of a person, animal or thing. – the body belongs to God. It’s a sin to destroy God’s temple; (1 Cor. 6:16-17). It doesn’t matter if you’re in public or in the privacy of your own home, you cannot hide from God; (Ps. 139:7-8).
  • Sexual Sins – Pornography, adultery, homosexuality, and fornication, all falls under the category of LUST! – “But, I do it on my own private and personal time, and nobody knows or sees me.” Don’t fool yourself. God knows and sees all! Whatever is done in secret, always comes to the light; (Ps. 139:11-12).

These are just a few examples of the “little foxes”, or secret sins. Some believers think that little sins aren’t a big deal, but in all actuality those “little sins” provides an unfortunate opportunity for open doors, allowing the enemy entrance into your life.  Little foxes gradually rob you of your relationship with God. These “little sins” are blessing blockers and they lead to unexpected consequences. All sin is disobedience and barriers to blessings.

“Remember a fox may seem cute and harmless when viewed from a distance, but if left unchecked it will eventually destroy the vineyard. Can you identify the “little foxes” that causes problems in your spiritual life? How about in your friendships and family relationships? If you’re have trouble identifying them, ask someone you trust their candid opinion. Talk about a practical strategy together in order to help you to catch the foxes. You may also want to agree to meet later for accountability on following through with your strategy.” – Hudson Taylor’s Commentary

“Speak To The Foxes” by, Carter Conlon

This is about integrity. You want to believe that people are people of integrity. When you cheat, it takes away from the victory. The man who was not willing to receive the Word, just a little folding of the hands, a little sleep, a little lie, a little unrighteous anger, a little thief, a little gossip. A little cheating, a little peek, a little sip of alcohol, can destroy your witness. Whatever you do, if it’s just a little something not honest, later on, it can cause a lot of suffering. Anguish and discomfort will drive you to whatever is going to comfort you as it previously was. Alcohol can alter your speech and your thinking, with just a little bit.

If you’re truly a new creation, you either are or not. There is no middle ground. You’re transformed or not. Some can see you and say that Christ is not real if the little things are not dealt with. “Little foxes spoil the vine.” Your testimony can be greatly diminished. We are a lighthouse to this generation. Let God deal with the little things that spoil the blossoms on the vine. A little prayerlessness, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands, can bring you into spiritual poverty that brings in nothing from the other side. “What a tragedy this will be.”

We have the power to speak to these little things now. They’re just little things, but they have great power in the long run. We’ll still get to heaven, but the stadium of the world will watch us as were tainted. Check the little things. We have power to get rid of them. Foxes are little things, they surprise you, they take away our strength, but we have power over these things. There’s no shame because God already knows that they are there. If it’s hidden, it’s only hidden to them. We’re still covered, still loved, still going to heaven. The issue is, “How deep do you want your testimony to be for Christ?” There’s no cost to us, but to others who may have come to Christ, but your witness was not strong. “How much does it matter to you to have a rock-solid testimony?”…Selah



Hudson Taylor Commentary, Bible; Carter Conlon, Time Square Church, NY;  Sermon: “Speak To The Foxes” Jan. 25, 2015 (YouTube)


14 thoughts on “CATCH THAT FOX!

    1. Hi Katrina! I agree with your comment. To be a follower of Christ means that we are to follow His ways. He was obedient to His calling and He is our example for living an abundant Christian life. Disobedience can definitely cause us more trouble than we ever bargained for. We must be mindful of the choices that we make.


  1. Sis all I can say is God is Great! Connecting with you was a blessing in itself, but to see how God is using you through His Word and Spirit is the added plus. This was a remarkable post and needs to be shared everywhere and with everyone. i have just posted this blog on every medium I am involved in and I will continue to support you and the work you are doing for the Kingdom. As I prayed and believed over your life, this new anointing that will explode will bring you into arenas you have yet to imagine and God is going to use you mightily! So proud of you.


    1. Hello Luis. First of all, “Thank You” for your kind words. You are a powerful force in God’s Kingdom. You have an anointing that sets flames afire and souls are touched and a change takes place. I am very blessed to have crossed paths with you. Most of all thank you for your obedience to Christ, and for hosting the prayer line. That day changed my life and gave me a testimony. God bless you man of God.


  2. What a powerful, truthful, timely message Jeanie… What’s crazy is I listen to Carter Conlon every Sunday, along with a few others, after finishing Sundays message I was looking for ones I might be missed and this was one of them I listened to Sunday, then Chelisse mentioned it to me… God is amazing huh? He guides His people to what He has to say, this is just one of His many creative ways… Thank you so much for your time, effort, and faithfulness, God’s hand is upon you! May we never sacrifice truth for political correctness or to sugar coat God’s life giving truth because we know it’s the FULL TRUTH that sets the captives FREE! Thank you for your courage and boldness Jeanie, this is what’s in my heart as well, may we March forward in unity spreading TRUTH to all that are lost, sick, or seeking hope and life in Jesus mighty name! This world is in the shape it’s in because TRUTH has fallen in the streets… We, by His Spirit and power have been commissioned to change that! Not our will Lord, but yours be done! Amen! You’re a blessing to us all sis! Blessings, prayers, and love always!


    1. Hi Jason. Thank you for taking the time to read my article, and thank you for your kind words. I appreciate the love and support that you always share with me. I am totally blown away by your comment. My eyes are welling up with tears. You have a powerful anointing on you that whenever I read your writings, or if you leave a comment for me, you touch my heart in a powerful and a positive way. I appreciate you my friend. May God continue to use you and bless you for your dedication and hard work in His Kingdom. 🙂


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