A New Season of Blessings in 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I’m excited about the New Year. I’m excited for all that God is doing in my life and yours. It’s amazing how God has brought us through 2018 and successfully transitioned and positioned us for a season of manifested blessings.

What I am most grateful for are the lessons that I’ve learned and the failures that seemed to hinder me. Nevertheless, my faith has increased. I’ve had some very challenging spiritual battles in 2018, but I’ve won more than I’ve lost. Warfare is real y’all, and we must always be prepared no matter what the season may bring.

I am hopeful that in 2019 I will find favor with God and people. My prayer for myself is that I will prosper in every area of my life and that blessings will be in abundance as I move forward in the New Year.

My plan is to align my current self with my future self, as I bring my will under the subjection of God’s will for my life. I want to be flexible in God’s hands. I want to be used in higher ways this year.  I want to be consistent, proactive, and specific in my actions. My desire is to use wisdom in every decision that I make. May creativity overflow from the inside of me as I learn to embrace the new assignment that God has given me. May every crooked path be made straight, and every opened door reveal blessings that God has prepared for me. I  declare that I will be empowered by the gifts that God has placed on the inside of me, through the Holy Spirit.

In this new season, my fervent prayer is that a billion lives will be saved, and changed in 2019. I pray that unsaved people will turn to God, who wouldn’t otherwise. May God open blinded eyes to see and deaf ears to hear as He reveals His good plan for those who are lost. May they hear God voice speaking as He calls them to repent and to know that He is God. May they come to the full knowledge of God’s saving grace through the sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ. May their hearts be prepared to receive the Gospel message with gladness. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

In this seasons of increase, I pray that you will receive everything that God has in store for you. May you be strengthened in your inner man through the power of the Holy Spirit. I declare favor over your life with God and with man. I speak healing to your body and good health over your life. I call forth wisdom and biblical knowledge from God’s Holy Spirit to your spirit. I call forth creativity, new designs, and witty ideas to flow from God’s spirit to your spirit. I declare that godly connections will be made in your life in this season, and ungodly connections will leave you. I declare that supernatural opportunities will manifest, and an increase in your finances will stem from the promise of Abraham to you as an heir. I declare and decree these things in Jesus’ Name and they shall come to pass. Amen.

ABBA, Thank You for listening to this prayer, and for Your faithfulness in answering us. Thank You for daily provisions and for meeting every need. Thank You for all that You have done in 2018 and for all that will be revealed in 2019. Thank You for Jesus, Our Lord, and Savior. Thank You for His life and His Ministry. Thank You for the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank You for Your unconditional love for us, Your adopted children.

Father, we are grateful for the forgiveness of our sins, for we are repentant for our sins; for we have sinned against You, in thought, words, and deed. Father God, Your word says that when we forgive others who have sinned against us, You forgive us of our sins; (Matt. 6:14). Thank You for all that You have done in 2018 and for all that will be revealed in 2019.

In this season of manifested blessings, we could not go forth without acknowledging the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of mankind. Thank You, Jesus, for the blood that You shed to pay a debt that we owed. Jesus, You were the only acceptable sacrifice to suffice sins debt penalty. We are eternally grateful and we will forever lift up Your Great Name. It’s in Your name that we pray, Jesus. Amen.

Last but not least, I want to thank each and every person for following my blog and for following Jesus with me. Thank you for the encouragement and support that you have given me throughout the years that I’ve been on social media. I ask that you continue to pray for me as I continue to pray for you. Let’s continue to pray for strength, boldness, and clarity as we walk daily in obedience to God’s Word. We are life long students of the Word and our goal is to grow spiritually in the holy things of God. May we continue in the fellowship that God has called us to. We ask all these things in Jesus’ Name. Amen. God Bless you, my faithful friends!