Christmas Memories

Remember that Christmas Classic, “This Christmas” sung by Donnie Hathaway? Oh, how I love these lyrics! Sing the 1st verse with me…

“Hang all the mistletoe
I’m gonna get to know you better.
This Christmas.
And as we trim the tree
How much fun it’s gonna be together.
This Christmas.
Fireside blazing bright.
We’re caroling through the night.
And this Christmas will be
A very special Christmas for me.”

What a wonderful tribute to the holidays! Mistletoe, fireplace, food, and family. Spending time with family is sentimental. And who remembers Carolers knocking door to door and belting out popular Christmas Tunes? These are everlasting memories of my childhood that I won’t ever forget.

To me, Christmas is the most joyous time of the year. The reason for the season is the birth of the Christ Child, Jesus. Christmas isn’t Christmas without Christ. It’s just a family gathering to eat, exchange gifts, chat and watch television. Although it’s a good time, we must take time to marvel at the wondrous miracle of the birth of Christ; (Matt. 1:18 – 2:12).

As we gather around the tree, let’s remember Christ’s sacrifice for the sins of the world; (John 3:16). Christmas allows us to introduce Christ and the Gospel message to the unsaved. It’s a vehicle like none other that opens a door for dialogue about abundant living and eternal salvation. It presents an incredible opportunity to share a history lesson about God, creation, the resurrection, and eternal life. The gift of eternal salvation is far more valuable than the presents we buy and give. Salvation is the gift of God, and it’s totally free! What an amazing gift to share with the world!



Wishing You A Merry Christmas!
From: Jeanie Martin Ministries