Silence Your Flesh

Hello Believers! The flesh wants what it wants and it cannot stand to be denied. Read my post on how to subdue your flesh of it’s desires. This is sure to bless you!

Jeanie Martin Ministries

Screenshot_2014-09-02-11-36-59-1In order to walk successfully as a Christian the flesh must be subdued. It is most important that the flesh be controlled, or it will take control over you. The flesh wants what it wants, and it wants it “NOW!” It screams for relief when it’s too hot or cold, and it wants to indulge in the finest of things that the world has to offer.

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4 thoughts on “Silence Your Flesh

    1. Good Morning! I do agree, drinking water hydrates us and helps us to stay the course and we are able to temporarily overcome our flesh. However our flesh never dies until we do, therefore fasting should be done regularly as both a discipline and as a sacrifice unto the Lord. Thank you for your comment. God bless you.

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  1. Good day! Thank you commenting. It blesses me to know that you have an interesting in fasting regularly. I invite you to join me in the next 10 days fast coming up at the end of this month (July 2018). Watch out for my announcement on my instagram page just prior to the fast. I welcome you to join me! God bless you.


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