Book Review: “Clash Between Two Kingdoms: Complete Manual of Prayer and Intercession” by Angela Strong – Part 2

Photo Credit: Cherese Agee Photography
Photo Credit: Cherese Agee Photography


Hello Again!

For those who have read part one of my book review, I mentioned that I would share some of Angela’s teachings on various types of prayer. However, after gathering multiple pages of notes, I decided to share some excerpts of the instructions on breaking generational curses, spiritual warfare, and the power you possess. Regardless of some of the information you may or may not be familiar with, it’s all pertinent and vital information, and I believe that the warfare strategies will be of great value to you.

After reading the section on “Generation Curses,” I learned that somewhere within my family’s bloodline, a door had been opened, allowing the enemy access into my family’s lives. The Bible tells us that when the enemy comes, he comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and I can see that the enemy has been working throughout my family’s history. There are repetitive cycles that I can attest to. Divorce has been an issue in my family for years. Recreational drug use skips through randomly, sprinkled here and there, just enough to keep the cycle going. Mental/physical abuse in relationships and money has always been a factor. No one has too much, but just enough to exist.  These are only a few reasons, but I am actively working through prayer and intercession (spiritual warfare) to effectively and eternally, forever close the open passage and cut off the enemy’s access before he can destroy my family bloodline.

I am sure that the exercises provided in the manual’s declaration pages effectively accomplish precisely what I have purposed in my heart to do. I will continue to “declare and decree” using the exercise as instructed by the manual until I can testify that I have accomplished all that I purposed to do. I declare and decree that the opened door will soon be closed and locked forever, and my family shall be free to prosper as God promised us.

*The exercises provided in this book will aid you in putting an end to the enemy’s deceptive plans to steal what God has predestined for your future and future generations. Unfortunately, warfare is accurate, and if you’re not prepared to engage in the battle, you could lose every promise God has made for your family. So learn to kick the enemy out and keep him out.

“The Clash Between Two Kingdoms is insightful, informative, and contains wonderful teachings that is sure to set your heart on fire. This book reveals hidden secrets that you may have not known before.”

The Prayer of Renunciation: Breaking Generational Curses and Inheritance of Iniquity 

“The prayer of renunciation is an essential piece for deliverance. The Bible teaches us that the salvation and forgiveness of our sins are obtained by confession and repentance. An effective renunciation occurs when sin is confessed, and the responsibility for sins is assumed.” (Strong, 114)

“Some families have operated under the yoke of idolatry for generations. Once all those generations have died off without knowing Jesus, without asking God for forgiveness, and without confessing those sins, the curses of idolatry will begin to operate or become active in subsequent generations.

Then one would need someone belonging to that same family lineage, who has received Jesus into their heart, is required to confess and ask God to forgive all those ancestral sins. It is also necessary that that person cancel the operation of all evil spirits assigned to their surname in Jesus’ name.

This may partially explain why there are so many recurrent sins in our churches today. People with extraordinary callings, Ministers who serve the Lord with all their hearts as pastors, love God, desire to serve Him, and have a calling for the ministry, but are not delivered. Part of the process of receiving Jesus is conferring our sins, renouncing them, and separating or disassociating ourselves from all of them. These are steps of spiritual warfare in closing doors opened by sins committed by your previous generation, those born before you were in your mother’s womb. This must be dealt with before we can achieve any spiritual progress.” (p. 115)

The Strategies of War

“We often say that we are the army of the Lord, but we forget that troops have to operate under a set of rules and regulations and a specific discipline that governs their organization order. Armies have generals and captains whom the soldiers must obey and by whom they must let themselves be directed. Also, when faced with a battle, they must follow a series of strategies to achieve victory.

The strategies are secret codes of behavior, locations, reactions, etc., known only to the team members. These strategies are created to attack the weaknesses of the opposing army. The objective is better accomplished by confusing the enemy, using secret communication codes that cannot be decoded by the opposing army, etc. We, as the grand army of the Lord, operate under similar rules and regulations.

We have a general, God, and we have rules that we must follow, which are the sacred Scriptures. But, we also need to learn how to utilize a series of war strategies. These war strategies are secret codes found in the heart of the Father, our General, and are revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit can decipher all the secret codes found in the Father’s heart, which will guarantee us the victory over our opponent.” (p.83)

Why Does the Kingdom of Darkness Use Fear?

“Fear is also one of the most powerful and subtle weapons used by the kingdom of darkness. Fear is a direct attack that targets our emotions. Fear paralyzes us, blocks us from thinking properly, and creates a mental barrier that prevents us from seeing things in their proper and true dimensions. Fear also distorts our actual perception of the problem. It limits us and prevents us from making bold decisions. Fear blocks our minds and makes us focus all our thoughts and energy on the problems, maximizing the problem and making it appear larger than it really is. If there is one thing the enemy will try to remove from your life, it’s the two-way communication you have with the Father through your prayers.” (pg. 172)


Below is a list of chapters that I found helpful in my battle against the kingdom of darkness. After you’ve obtained your copy of “Clash Between Two Kingdoms,” you can refer to the following pages to aid and assist you in your spiritual warfare endeavors.

Prophetic Declarations: I Am; (Pg. 19 – 22)

Learn to speak faith over your situation; (Pg. 68)

Covenant Prayer; (Pg. 109)

Prayer of Renunciation: Breaking Generational Curses and Inheritance of Iniquity ; (Pg. 119-135)

“If you want to be a powerful prayer warrior, this book is for you!”


One of the most effective ways to counterattack the spirit of fear is through the “double-edged sword,” which is the Word of God (Hebrews 4:12). Choose and use your weapons wisely!

I hope I have shared enough information with you and you are confident that this is the book for you. There is so much more written within the pages that I am positive will teach you methods of improving your warfare strategies and give you a deeper spiritual understanding of your position, purpose, and power. Thank you for reading my review of “Clash Between Two Kingdoms.”

Purchase your copy from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  After reading it, please come back and leave a comment. Thank you!


Strong, A. (2016). Clash Between Two Kingdoms: Complete Manual of Prayer and Intercession. Bloomington, IN: Westbow Press.

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