Book Review: “Clash Between Two Kingdoms: Complete Manual of Prayer and Intercession” by Angela Strong

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Photo Credit: Cherese Agee

Hello Friends! Welcome to the start of 2017!

I am honored to present to you my very first book review for 2017! I am thrilled to share with you a brilliant and masterful non-fiction book, “Clash Between Two Kingdoms: Complete Manual of Prayer and Intercession” by Angela Strong.

In writing this book review, I intend to provide you with excerpts from the book that will inform you of the power you possess as a kingdom citizen and a child of God. This book is a real eye-opener and will give you the ability to change your life through “step-by-stephow-to” biblical instructions.  The information that I am sharing in this review is a foretaste in preparation for spiritual victory.

First and foremost, I’d like to introduce you to the author:

“Angela Strong is a Clinical Psychologist, and currently she is completing a Master of Divinity. In addition, she has been a radio and television personality. She’s also co-founder of Strong International Ministry, a ministry dedicated to bringing conferences of intercession and spiritual warfare worldwide and forming ministries of intercession and deliverance in the churches.”

The Intent and Purpose of the Book

This book is a manual and complete guide to prayer, intercession, and spiritual warfare. It will equip you to operate effectively in the area of prayer and prophetic intercession. It’s also designed to be used as Bible study material for intercessors, which will teach you how to operate effectively in intercession, deliverance, spiritual warfare, and how to activate the authority that has been delegated to us by God.

The objective of this book is to identify the believer’s mission and position within the kingdom. The purpose is to establish God’s kingdom here on earth and undo all evil works of the kingdom of darkness. But this effort would be in vain if the person of Jesus is not reflected through us.

Angela gives us a brief recount of the historical context of the life of Jesus, which sums up the challenges that He faced daily from His own race of people the Jews, the Gentiles, the Pharisees, and the Sadducee, and those outside of the covenant. Yet, He walked every step in authority given by his Father.

“Clash Between Two Kingdoms, is one of the most excellent of books that I’ve read in 2016. It provides exponential growth expectations to all who read it. It’s a real eye opener, an ear bender, and a mind regulator. It’s guaranteed to broaden your world of knowledge. Clash Between Two Kingdoms receives a “FIVE STARS” rating!”


“The problem many believers face is that when they become citizens of the kingdom of God, they still retain the language of the old world to which they belonged. This prevents them from thoroughly enjoying all the benefits that the kingdom of God offers.

Another characteristic that involves this new citizenship is the change in vision or mentality. We do not see things from the same perspective as we previously did, but rather, we see a new view that also corresponds to the new government to which we now belong.” (Strong, 26)

The Master’s Profile

“Great peculiarities marked the person and ministry of Jesus. It is pertinent that we as His followers know Him better because if we want to operate with the same authority as He did, we must emulate and reflect all that He was. The miracles of Jesus were essential in strengthening His ministry. But the ministry of Jesus was not only miracles and power. It also included a set of behaviors, a new vision, and ideas that shaped the package of His good news of salvation.” (p. 35)

“What was inside the person of Jesus? Why did so many people follow Him?”


Often as Christians, we want to enjoy all the benefits of the kingdom without assuming the correct position that corresponds to the culture of our domain. Deciding whether or not to take a position that conforms to the rules and laws governing our kingdom is not an option that we can take or leave as believers. Instead, it is a commitment that we must plunge into if we really want to be citizens of God’s kingdom and fully enjoy all its benefits.

Suppose you are a citizen of a particular nation and decide not to follow the code of rules and laws that govern that nation. In that case, this automatically constitutes a violation, civil disobedience. The same happens in our kingdom. (p. 33)

There is a set of rules that we must follow as citizens of that kingdom, but obeying His rules also gives us access to many other benefits, benefits that few believers know in their entirety.

Every believer needs to know the power that has been granted through Jesus’s death on the cross and how to make proper use of that power to bring about breakthroughs over their lives, their nation, their marriage, their finances, their ministry … their whole being. (p. xx)

It is my objective for every believer that you locate your area calling recognizing that our assignment as believers is much broader than our struggle for salvation. (p. xxii)

My greatest desire is that every believer could become a warrior of God’s divine army with a true identity in Christ, well aware that in their words lies the power of life and death and that in their mouth there is a miracle. (p. xxiii) (Continue to page 2)

5 thoughts on “Book Review: “Clash Between Two Kingdoms: Complete Manual of Prayer and Intercession” by Angela Strong

    1. Hello Sandra! Happy New Year! Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I appreciate the comment. The book is guaranteed to captivate your interest, as well as satisfy your curiosity. Stay tuned part 2 is coming soon!


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