Crown Me, Jesus!

Photograph: Medieval Set 17 Photographer: Richard Jenkins Photography Website:

Scripture: Well done good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord; (Matt. 25:21, 23).

Every Christian should desire to hear these words spoken to them from Jesus someday. Are you aware that there will be a rewards ceremony that will take place in heaven? The Bible mentions rewards given in heaven multiple times; (Matt. 5:12; Luke 6:23, 35; 1st Cor. 3:14; 9:18). Crowns we’ll be given to believers for the service rendered to God in accordance with the ability given to them. But why are rewards necessary?

God will give rewards in heaven at the bema, or judgment seat of Christ, based on our faithfulness in service to Him; (2nd Cor. 5:10). He will give rewards in order to fulfill the law of sowing and reaping; (Gal. 6:7-9), and make good on His promise that our labor in the Lord is not in vain; (1st Cor. 15:58). The rewards we gain in heaven are not like the rewards we earn here on earth. We tend to think in material terms, however, any rewards or honor we gain in heaven will be precious to us because they carry the weight and the meaning of our relationship with God, and because they remind us of what He did through us on earth.

With a willing mind and a heart disposed to yield obedience, our service should be voluntary and sincere. If there is any service rendered to God, according to the ability, it is accepted.

The 5 crowns to be awarded to believers are:

1. The Imperishable Crown; (1st Cor. 9:24-25).
2. The Crown of Rejoicing; (1st Thess. 2:19).
3. The Crown of Righteousness; (2nd Tim. 4:8).
4. The Crown of Glory; (1st Peter 5:4).
5. The Crown of Life; (Rev. 2:10).

There is one award that all believers qualify for, the crown of life, this crown is for all those who love God; (James 1:12). It is especially dear to those who endure suffering, persecuted for Jesus’ sake, even to the point of death.

“A Foretaste of Heaven”, my personal testimony…

In the early years of my Christian walk, I had a dream that I was in attendance at a heavenly reward ceremony. The ambiance of the room was that of royalty. Each table was beautifully dressed with a white cloth as appropriate for the occasion. I was extremely humbled to be seated among the other reward recipients. When the rewards were given to each recipient and I received one as well. At the time of the dream, I was a baby Christian just beginning to grow in spiritual things. I was wide-eyed not wanting to miss a thing that was taking place in the room. I believe the reason that God gave me a sneak peek of this coming attraction was to encourage me to run my race with diligence and purpose knowing that my labor would not be in vain. What a great blessing and a privilege it was for me to find favor with the King and to witness His future plan for me. The best is yet to come folks!

May your cup overflow with blessings from the King! Shalom!



*Photograph Title: Medieval Set 17; Photographer: Richard Jenkins Photography; Website: