It’s Me Again O’ Lord

Screenshot_2016-01-04-07-25-14(2)Practically every Christian is in a stage of waiting for a mighty move of God for one reason or another. We feel as though we’ve been waiting “forever and a day” and there hasn’t been a single word from Him. So, what do you do when you haven’t heard from God?

Some of us are in dire need of an answer, but it seems as though God isn’t in a hurry. When He does answers, more than likely it’s not the answer we were expecting. Usually, He’ll say two words, either “Be Still” or “Trust Me.” Whenever He tells us to “Be still”, He’s not saying not to move, He’s telling us to “wait.” However, being still” doesn’t mean that you do nothing; it means to continue doing the last thing that He told you to do, while you’re waiting.

Our prayers may seem urgent to us, but to God emergencies don’t exist; (John 11:6). You see, He holds time in His hand and nothing is urgent to Him. He’s in control of everything and everyone answers to Him. Therefore, it may seem as though our prayer life has become such as those who are continuously at the ‘Western Wall’, believers are actually standing before the “Throne of Grace” consistently before God.


God is seated on His Throne, and Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father as our Advocate; (Mark 16:19; Luke 22:69; Acts 7:55-56; Col. 3:1). We enter the Throne Room of heaven by prayer, as often as we like, with unlimited hours. Those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior are able to approach the Throne of Grace without hindrance. Christians are given access to the Father, by the shed blood of Jesus, and only by his name are our prayers heard. God has granted His children excess to the promises that He has made available only through His Son, Jesus.

So, what do you do when you’ve presented your petition before God, but you haven’t received an answer? Many of us begin to reason in our minds, after waiting for long periods of time. In our minds we form conclusions to suffice our doubts. Why isn’t God answering? Is He angry? We begin to examine ourselves: “Let’s see… I attend church every week, I paid my tithes, I repented for that curse word that I slipped and said. It’s possible that I have unknown sin in my heart that I haven’t repented for. Maybe that’s why He’s not answering.” These are only a few thoughts that plague our minds, and we never consider that our doubt is caused by fear.

Fear Causes Doubt

The main reasons that we have doubt is fear. We fear that God won’t give us what we’ve asked for. Doubt that’s rooted in fear is the reason we begin to question God’s motives. It’s easier to blame God than it is to trust Him, and wait for Him to answer. Waiting for God requires patience, and patience requires faith. Doubting God is a stumbling block which causes a delay. A stumbling block can be viewed as a setback to the fulfillment of your expectations.


Screenshot_2016-04-26-03-44-44(1)Many of us are familiar with the term “Wailing Wall,” however, it is not used by Jews, and many others consider this term derogatory. The “Western Wall”, as preferred, has been a site for Jewish prayer and pilgrimage for centuries. The earliest source mentioned this specific site as a place of worship is from the 16th century. Throughout the ages the wall is where Jews have gathered to express gratitude to God and/or to pray for divine mercy.

For me, the Western Wall presents a fine example of how serious we should take our prayer life. Scripture tells us to pray without ceasing; (1st Thess. 5:17). Instead of giving up because God presence seems to be void, we must be committed to seeking Him; and expecting an answer in His timing. If the answers is delayed, a delay is not a denial.


Genesis chapters 21 and 22, gives us an account of Abraham’s faith test. God promised Abraham that a son would be born from his loins, in spite of Sarai barrenness. It was prophesied that she was going to deliver a son; (Gen. 21:1-6) Although the promise took 20 yrs. before it came to pass, Isaac was conceived just as prophecy was foretold, and it happened at the appointed time. Abraham believed God, even though he had to wait 20 years before Isaac was born. What Abraham believed, was proven by his actions. Our faith can be seen by our actions. (Continue reading)

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