Lord, Where’s My Miracle?

Screenshot_2015-12-18-18-09-37(1)SEEKING GOD WITH TEARS

Through my tears, I sought God for answers. I prayed, “Why them God and not us? I know that with you able to do all things, and all things are possible for those who believe. You command healing, or with one gentle touch, you heal. Father, why are so many of Your children in need of healing today? It’s like we’re hemorrhaging and reaching out to touch the hem of your garment, but with all respect, Sir, where are the immediate results?”

I know that God is not moved by tears, He’s moved by our faith. Prayer requests after prayer request have gone before Him, accompanied by faith the size of a Mulberry tree. So, I asked again, Lord, where are the miracles?

“THEN, I heard Him say, “Remember when you were in the hospital?”

First of all, I had to collect myself because hearing the voice of God is a great honor! I knew it was God speaking because He speaks with a still quiet voice. And second because oftentimes when asked a question Jesus would reply with a question, or with a response that seemed to be totally impertinent to the matter at hand. He responded to my question with a question.


Immediately, I recalled an illness that I was diagnosed in 2012. I need to have surgery and after weighing my options, I chose to have surgery. The morning after surgery, I woke up in my room with the nursing staff attending to me. They freshened me, changed my bandages, and it was required that I get out of bed and walk. I was told that this was done to prevent the lungs from filling with fluids. I was in great pain, so I put up a big fuss, but I lost and had to do what was required of me.

After a couple of days, I was able to change my own bandages. That’s when I got a chance to get a good look at the incision. It started above my belly button and proceeded down the abdomen. I also had three other small incisions on my left side and on the right. My stomach was red and swollen. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was not pleasant to look at. I remembered thinking, “How was this mess going to heal?” I talked to my doctors about it and was told that in time it would be better. I looked at my tummy area again with great disappointment and bewilderment.

Another day had gone by, and on this particular morning, I looked at my tummy and I could not believe my eyes. The long trail of stitches weren’t visible. I couldn’t understand how this happened. I kept looking and trying to figure it out. The only thing I could come up with was that the wound must have folded inside. Was it able to healing inside of me? I did not know! Suddenly I realized, “God did this! He had performed a mighty work on me overnight! Immediately, I received a miracle that I hadn’t even prayed for. Nobody but God could do this!


In desperation of seeking miracles, I was reminded by God that “My life is a miracle!” Every day that we open our eyes is a miracle! To know the love of God, and to hear his voice is a miracle! He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever; and He’s faithful to answer our prayer. If you’re ever in doubt, recall the Lord’s past faithfulness while you’re waiting on your miracle, and don’t forget “You are a miracle!” Keep asking, seeking, and knocking, and the door shall be opened to you!

FYI: In each of the parables pertaining to Jesus healing those who were outside of the covenant, for Jesus it wasn’t totally about the miracles, as much as it was about battling demon possession. These people were possessed by impure spirits, who are drawing the attention away from His message. These unclean spirits are actually distractions! Jesus is fighting a spiritual war throughout His ministry; and in the end, He is nailed to the cross to silence Him. The biggest strategic miscalculation in history, and Jesus WINS!




Reference: Bible Hub.com; Got Questions.org; *None of the photo’s used belong to me.


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