Your Gift Will Make Room For You

Screenshot_2015-11-14-14-01-01(1)God has given everyone a particular gift designed with a purpose. To identify your gift think about that one particular thing that you just love to do. It’s that thing that you love so much that you dedicate all of your time to perfect. After you’ve identified your gift and have made the decision to operate in it, God will position you to function in your gift purposefully.

Throughout the Bible you can trace the hand of God to see how He anoints and uses the gifted to deliver His people, (Israel) from bondage. His usual method is to use the weak to confound the wise, and the least likely to over throw His enemies.

In the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim king of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and besieged it. The king ordered his court official to bring some of the Israelites from the royal family to serve in the kings palace. Among the chosen who were qualified to serve in the palace were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah.

Upon their acceptance the chief official gave them heathen names, Belteshazzar, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; and a different diet was given to them. However, Daniel negotiated a diet of vegetables and water. The official agreed on a trial basis of 10 day, but only if they appeared healthy. Daniel’s diet proved to be more than adequate because they each appeared healthier than those who partook of the kings’ delicacies. Proving that “favor isn’t fair” especially when God is in the equation. Only God can make it possible for a prisoner to negotiate his diet.

There was also a set preparatory training period. At the end of it the chief official presented the Hebrew boys to the king. They were each questioned, and the king determined that there was none found equal in wisdom and education as them. In fact, they were ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his entire kingdom. For these reason the king allowed them to enter into the his service. (Dan. 1:18-20).

God gave Daniel the gift of understanding and interpreting dreams and visions. This is the area in which he excelled above the others. The king found Daniel to be the most proficient of them all.

God Uses Dreams To Fulfill Prophecy

In Genesis Chapter 17, Joseph at the young age of 17, began to experience having prophetic dreams. God actually allowed Joseph to see a glimpses of his future, and with much excitement Joseph shared his dream with his family. After sharing his dream, Joseph encountered problem after problem. He was labeled a trouble maker by his brothers; they thought that he was out of touch with reality. So they got rid of him by throwing him into a pit. From there Joseph was taken to a foreign land, where he was sold as a slave to Potipher. Basically, it was the same process that Daniel and his friends experienced. They were slaves serving in a foreign land; and they were required to learn the laws of the land. But God used their gifts to gain them favor right in the midst of serving.

From Potipher’s house, Joseph went to prison. While in prison Joseph was asked to interpret two dreams. One request was from a baker, the other was from a cupbearer; they both had previously served in the kings’ palace before they became inmates. Joseph was able to interpret both dreams, and both dream came to pass exactly as Joseph foretold them.

Two years later, the king needed someone to interpret a very disturbing dream that he had. The cupbearer who had been imprisoned remembered Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams, so he informed the king. The king called for Joseph to be released and he was brought before the king. Joseph interpreted the kings dream, and he was awarded the highest position next to the king.

What I realized was that Joseph’s first dream was actually the first clue of the gift that he possessed. Joseph and Daniel were both supernaturally endowed to explain messages from God to men.  Continue to page 2

6 thoughts on “Your Gift Will Make Room For You

  1. ️I really enjoyed this article, it blessed my spirit and I’m sure other to know how to put your gifted into action and how to activate your gift and use it to the Glory of God , many blessings to JSM , peace and blessings


  2. Good evening precious woman of God. I really enjoyed reading your blog about “your gifts.” Very knowledgable inspirational, and thought provoking. So glad to connect with you in another vehicle God is using you to spread the Gospel. May our Lord God continue to abundantly bless you, your family and ministries with all spiritual, physical and financial blessings in Christ Jesus and in His Precious and Glorious Name! Amen and So Be It!!! See you on Instagram

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    1. Hello Caroline! I love to interact with those who follow Jesus with me, and you for engaging in conversation with me. I appreciate that you express your true feelings in your comments. Your encouragement means a lot to me. Thank you. God bless you my friend. ♡


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