The Weakest Strong Man

Jeanie Martin Ministries

Screenshot_2014-07-31-12-36-12-1The Story of Samson
Scripture: Judges Chpts. 14 – 16

Samson’s life is one of contradiction. From birth Samson was to be a Nazirite, set apart unto God, (Numb. 6:1-8).  A Nazirite takes a vow to separate from certain worldly things and consecrates himself to the holy things of God (Judg. 13:5). For the Nazirite certain restrictions applied. They were to sustain from all strong drinks; they were forbidden to cut their hair, and forbidden to go near dead corpses of any kind. Samson continually ignored his vow. He went down to the Valley of Timnath, which was famous for its vines, (Isa.5:2; Jere. 2:21).

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