Blessed to Be a Blessing!

IMG_20150521_200216Hello Everyone!

I am pleased to introduce you to the Hosts of “You Are Somebody in Jesus” Radio Broadcast, Pastors Elsa and Harold McClellan. Elsa and Harold are the Pastors of Prayer Life Church, located 1101 SE 19th Street, Oklahoma City, OK.

Pastor Harold and Pastor Elsa have a vision to reach the world and share the love of Jesus. Their belief is that Jesus is truly the way. They have a loving passion for God’s Word, as well as for His people. They are amazing leaders, dedicated Bible teachers, my Pastors, and dear friends. I consider them to be “Gentle Giants” in ministry.

This past Thursday, May 21st, I was invited as a guest speaker on their show. To express my appreciation, I take this time to say “Thank You” to the McClellans for their support of my ministry. It was truly an honor, and a humbling experience. Thank you both for being great blessings to me.

I also thank everyone who tuned in last week, I appreciate your support.

“All Glory to God for the marvelous things that He has done!”

“You are Somebody in Jesus” airs every Thursday on KTLV1220AM at 5:30pm CST. or click on live streaming audio, and enjoy the show!