Your Increase Depends on You

PhotoGrid_1413163474827Scripture: The kingdom of God is like a man scattering seed on the ground; (Mark 4:26 NIV).

In the New Testament, there are 3 parables that teach us about the sower, Matthew 13:3-9; Mark 4:1-20; and Luke 8:4-15. Each passage teaches us about the germination process which is how seeds grow.

The one who sows the seed is Jesus. The “seed” is the Word of God. The “ground or soil” represents the heart of man. There are four types of ground/soil:

  1. Hard – “by the wayside.”
  2. Stony – “no depth, shallow.”
  3. Thorny – “choked.”
  4. Good – “receives the seed and produces.”
  •  Hard ground represents someone who is hardened by sin. This person hears the word but does not comprehend the message. Therefore, satan steals the word and keeps the person’s heart dull.
  •  Stony ground represents the hearer who hears the word and receives it, but when a storm comes it immediately is taken away because its roots have no depth. The ground is shallow.
  •  Thorny ground represents those who hear the word and receives it but the cares of the world, its riches, pleasures, and lust steals this person’s time and attention.
  •  Good ground represents those who hear the word, receives it and produces fruit. Good soil yields its crop 100 times more than what was sown (Luke 8:8). This represents a person who is truly saved and has good fruit as evidence.

Mark 4:26 explains the good soil which is a receptive heart. The sower sows the seed, the soil receives the seed, and nature takes its course. The sower goes about his day after sowing the seed. The seed germinates producing a sprout, then a stalk and leaves, then a head of grain, and finally, it develops a kernel. This happens without mans’ knowledge, he has no understanding of the hidden process. God uses His Word in the heart of a person, which is a total mystery. He does it without human efforts. The soil produces all by itself. After germination, the grain is ripe to harvest, just at the right time.

In each of the three parables Jesus makes this statement, “He who has ears to hear; let him hear.” This statement is not speaking of our natural ears, for we all have a set of these. This statement is making reference to those who spiritually hear and is able to discern what has been said. There are many who hear the word of God, but few receive it. Many are affected for the present, yet receive no abiding benefit due to the dullness of disposition to receive it. He who hears are those who with diligence attentively ponders it, and obeys what they heard. These are those who are not only hearers of the Word but are also doers of it.

In conclusion, what makes the difference in the productivity of fruit is the type of ground the seed is sown upon. Luke 8:15 confirms that the hearer, having an honest and good heart, after hearing the word, keeps it and bring forth fruit with patience. Some 100, 60, 30 times the amount of seed sown. This speaks of increase, all of which takes place in the heart. Your increase depends totally on you. Let them who has ears hear what the Spirit is saying.

I pray that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened that you may be able to glean from God’s Holy Word, causing you to produce a harvest of a hundredfold of the amount of seed sown. May God’s goodness bless you beyond all of your dreams and expectations.

Bountiful blessings to you!


5 thoughts on “Your Increase Depends on You

  1. I have that same print hanging in my husband office. It represent how the Lord blessed us with our home. We sowed a large fAith seed (dream house and corner lot). That particular seed matured into the house I now live in. Glory to God.


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