The Weakest Strong Man

Screenshot_2014-07-31-12-36-12-1The Story of Samson
Scripture: Judges Chpts. 14 – 16

Samson’s life is one of contradiction. From birth Samson was to be a Nazirite, set apart unto God, (Numb. 6:1-8).  A Nazirite takes a vow to separate from certain worldly things and consecrates himself to the holy things of God (Judg. 13:5). For the Nazirite certain restrictions applied. They were to sustain from all strong drinks; they were forbidden to cut their hair, and forbidden to go near dead corpses of any kind. Samson continually ignored his vow. He went down to the Valley of Timnath, which was famous for its vines, (Isa.5:2; Jere. 2:21).

Samson’s life was marred by his weakness for pagan women. God’s law forbade intermarriage of the Israelites among Canaan women (Ex. 34:16; Deut. 7:3). Shortly after Samson met Delilah she begged to know the secret of his strength. He kept toying around with her affections. It’s a very dangerous thing to toy around with the enemy.

Finally, after several attempts Samson told Delilah the secret of his strength, “his hair” (Judg. 16:17). Next, the enemy cut his hair, while he was taking a nap with his head resting on Delilah’s lap!

The Nazirite Law stated that “No razors” were to be used on a Nazirite’s head, (Num. 6:5). He must remain holy throughout the entire period of separation. Now, Samson head is shaved, and he is left with the consequences of his actions.

Samson was a person with great potential, but he fell short because of his disobedience. He was mighty in physical strength, but he was weak in resisting temptation. He understood the true source of his strength, but he never understood his purpose. He was spiritually blind long before his eyes were put out (Judg.16:21). His life was forfeited because of the sin of rebellion.

There are valuable lessons to learn from the story of Samson. Here are a few:

  1. The deeper we allow ourselves to be influenced by the glamour and allurement of sin, the more blinded we become.
  2. We must recognize and accept that sin has a blinding impact, otherwise, we find ourselves ensnared by it.
  3. The danger of self-indulgence and a lack of discipline can come with dire or deadly consequences.
  4. When God gives a command or specific instructions it’s for our good and for His glory.
  5. If you take a vow, do not go back on your word. To do so affects the content of your character.
  6. Don’t let the enemy steal your vision. Your purpose is attached to your vision.

Samson willingly went into situations that led to sin, but each time God used him for His glory.  In spite of disobedience, God saw Samson as a man of faith. Heb. 11:32, list the names of great men and women of faith, and Samson’s name is listed among them. No one listed in the Hall of Faith was perfect, perhaps there is hope for you and I yet.

In conclusion: “Sin will take you further than you’ll want to go; keep you longer than you’ll want to stay; cost you more than you’ll want to pay!”

Blessing to you!



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