Come, Let’s Reason Together

Screenshot_2014-07-05-09-30-10-1Today’s Scripture: “I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE” (John 6:35).

In the Book of John, Jesus made 7 declarations about Himself.  He combined “I AM” with metaphors that express His saving relationships with the world.

“I AM”

This proclamation points to His unique and divine:

  • Identity
  • Character
  • Purpose

1. The Bread of Life (John 6:35).

Bread is considered a staple food for basic dietary nutrition. By equating Himself with bread, Jesus is saying that He is essential for sustaining a wholesome spiritual life.

  • Physical bread perishes.
  • Spiritual bread brings eternal life.

2. The Light of the World (John 8:12).

Jesus is the Light of the World. He is the only source of spiritual light for believers. Those who perceive the True Light will never walk in darkness. Jesus is the Light of Life.

Two types of light:

  • Physical light
  • Spiritual Light

3. The Door of the Sheep (John 10:7-9).

I Am the Door

Only through Jesus is salvation possible. He is the only Way to eternal salvation (John 3:16). As the doorkeeper Jesus:

  • guards
  • protects
  • Controls who or what is allowed to enter and exit.

4. The Good Shepherd (John 10:11, 14).

Jesus leads the sheep into the sheepfold. The shepherd goes before his sheep to lead them to grassy lands to eat plentifully and drink fresh clean water.

  • He leads.
  • He guides.
  • Provides nourishment.

5. The Resurrection and the Life (John 11:25).

There isn’t a resurrection apart from Christ. Apart from Christ eternal life is not possible. Believers are eternally secure only through Him.

  • He is the life-giver.
  • He sustains all life.
  • Death has no dominion or power over him.
  • Time is not an obstacle.

6. The Way, The Truth, and The Life (John 14:6)

  • He is the only Way to the Father.
  • He is the Absolute Truth; the One True God.
  • He is the Possessor of Life.

7. The True Vine (John 15:1).

His living energy nourishes and sustains us just as the roots and trunk of a grapevine produce energy to nourish and sustain its branches. Spiritually speaking we are as closely connected with Him as the branches of a vine are connected to its stem. Our desire and energy to know and love Him will keep flowing in and through us as long as we are attached to Him as branches are to a vine. No believer can achieve anything of spiritual value independent of Christ Jesus. He is the True Vine who sustains life and produces the fruitful life of righteousness, holy living, and service.







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