As it is in HEAVEN

AsTo: Believers, unbelieving believers, and those who choose not to believe.
Purpose: That you may believe that Heaven is a real place.

In 2014 a movie named “Heaven Is For Real,” came to several theaters. It was the hottest movie out at that time and people were talking about it saying it’s phenomenal, and it’s an anointed film.  Very interesting, in fact! I was curious, so I went to see the movie for myself.

For the sake of those who have not seen the movie, I will not elaborate on every detail. The movie is a true account written about a 5-year-old boy named Colton Burpo, who had an accident that required emergency surgery. During the surgery, Colton had a near-death experience and spiritually he took a trip to Heaven.

After he recovered fully, Colton returned home with his family. He began talking about his trip to Heaven to his dad. He told his dad what he experienced while he was on the operating table. He had an out-of-body experience, and he saw his doctors performing his surgery. He also saw his dad in the hospitals’ chapel praying at the exact time of his surgery. He had an open-eye vision of the sky opening and Heaven was revealed to him. He described every detail of his journey exactly as he saw it. Most amazingly he met Jesus. He walked with Jesus and he had a conversation with Him.

Like Colton, I experienced a spiritual tour of heaven. I believe I was chosen to be a witness to the fact that heaven is a real place. (No, I did not have a near-death experience in case you’re wondering about that.) At the time I was dealing with a shoulder injury that came about as the result of a fall. I opted to have reconstructive surgery to restore mobility and to relieve myself of the extreme pain that I was experiencing.

My Personal Testimony

After having surgery, I spent several days in bed praying for restoration and relief. During this time I developed a close and personal relationship with God. He chose to reveal His Kingdom to me. I have several testimonies of my personal time with God, but I chose to share this one because of Colton’s testimony.

On this particular night, as I slept, I saw myself walking on a beach. I knew that something was different about this place because I felt very happy and freer than ever before. The weather was perfect, there wasn’t a cloud was in the sky. There was a light ocean breeze blowing, and a sense of peace everywhere. I had no idea where I was, nor the reason why I was here. I can only tell you that it was an extraordinary place of beauty and peace.

There weren’t a lot of people on this beach. I remember seeing three other people besides me. As I walked along the beach, a man came over to talked to me. I don’t remember the conversation, but I do remember a still quietness in the air. He spoke not a word out loud, but spiritually He spoke directly to my mind. (In the spirit realm unspoken words proceed in which the ear does not hear, but the mind conceives. An exchange takes place without any words proceeding from the mouth).

After the walk on the beach, we arrived at the next destination. I remember walking on a street that was paved with white stones. The stones were whiter than any white I have ever seen. There wasn’t any dirt anywhere. There wasn’t any discarded paper toss on the ground either. Everything was perfect and there was a still quietness. There were only a few people walking on this street. Just up ahead was an area that looked like a business area with small shops. I saw a woman come out of one of the shops. As she walked away, I noticed an open basket on the sidewalk. It was placed at a column near the curb of the street. The basket was filled with letters. I asked the man with me, whom I believe was my tour guide or assigned angel, what the basket was for? He told me that the basket contains blessings that were going down to earth. I remember thinking, “This is heavens mail service!” This totally surprised me because my earthly reference steered my mind to remember thieves. Seeing this open basket on the street, if this was on earth thieves would not hesitate to take the entire basket, blessings and all.

The next destination was not far from the “business area” that we had just left. My guide took me to a building that appeared small on the outside, but the inside was quite large. The inside was elegant and impressively styled. The hallways were long and there were several doors that lead to different areas within. I was taken to a particular room, once inside it was a classroom. The teacher came over to greet us. There were children seated at long tables throughout the classroom. These children were beautiful and they were smiling. They were all clothed in white. Each child seemed to be enjoying themselves. They had activities to do on the table in front of them. When we first entered the classroom the children stopped what they were doing and their attention was on their guests. They were the most orderly children that I had ever seen. They made a lasting impression on me. They seemed quite happy and at peace.

After leaving the classroom, we returned to the hallway. I saw a couple of ladies in the hallway who I believe were teachers. They smiled and kept about their business. I realized that this building was a facility of education of all sorts. Unfortunately, I only saw the classroom where the children were located. But I understood that it was a blessing and a privilege for me to see these things.

We left this building and went on to the next. From the outside, I could not tell what this building was. Upon entering it looked like a large warehouse. I asked my guide what was this place, and told me that it was my storehouse. It was extremely large in size, well designed, and filled with boxes. There were rows of boxes that were stacked neatly and orderly. The aisles were large enough to retrieve whatever you needed get without any confusion or being cramped in any particular space. I walked around viewing the boxes, looking up high and down low. I asked my guide what was in the boxes and he told me that these were for me, although he didn’t tell me what was inside of the boxes. There weren’t any markings on the outside of the cartons, I could not imagine what was inside. What I do know is that God has many blessings in store for me!

As I opened my eyes I recall thinking “what just happened?” I was back home and still in my bed. I was in a state of wonder, it was just as the Apostle Paul described as he wrote in 2 Corinthians 12:3, “I know that this man, whether in his body or outside of his body, I do not know, but God knows.” It was a vision that I never will forget. It was just as astonishing as Pauls’ vision was. Yes, heaven is a real place, and I have a reference of what my eternal home is like.

This was not my only visit to heaven, perhaps the Lord will allow me to share more at a later date, but only with permission will I do so. What I found difficult in writing about heaven was thinking that perhaps you may not believe me. But in this case, I’m willing to take a chance with the hope of a seed being sown within your heart.

Now back to the movie, I believe that Colton saw heaven on the level that he could conceive it. God showed this 5 yr. old a glimpse of what heaven is really like and who Jesus is. What a privilege it must have been to meet Jesus! Colton had a face-to-face encounter with Jesus. He even remembered the color of Jesus’ eyes. What an amazing blessing to receive!

I was quite impressed with the acting ability of Connor Corum, the lad who portrayed Colton Burpo. Connor is definitely a gifted child, his acting ability speaks for itself. I rate this movie a “C+”. The other actors were good as well, but the star of the movie was Connor Corum.

I believe that my faith was the key that allowed me to be a guest in heaven. I pray that everyone who reads this will believe that with God all things are possible and that heaven is real. May you too have a spiritual experience with the Lord. And by the way that still quietness that I mentioned several times is heavenly peace. This peace surpasses all understanding!

Have a glorious day!



(Scripture reference: Matthew 6:9-13)

8 thoughts on “As it is in HEAVEN

  1. I absolutely love your spiritual experience, I want to hear more! I found myself envisioning it as you so well described it. I could feel just a bit of the enormous peace you were experiencing. That basket of blessing seems so simple and easy. We tend to make God so complicated and heavy. His ways are surly not ours… Amen! I wanted to hear more so badly!! It’s as if I was there watching. You’re writing is intriging. I can see a book entitled, “My heavenly experiences” written by Jeanie Shepard. I like how you wrote at the beginning, for the unbelieving believers. I love you and want to hear more. We are thirsty for such. To God be the glory, great things he hath done!! Lastly, the children, I’m so curious to know who they were? Amen!


    1. Hi Angel! There are no words to describe exactly how I feel after reading your comment. Let’s just say that I have a lump in my throat and my emotions are mixed (tears, happy, blessed, etc.). Thank you for your honest opinion. It was challenging for me to find the courage to post this. Although I did have moments of excitement and humility remembering the details, it was like re-living it all over again. I hope that I will be able to share more of my experiences with you. Thank you Angel! You are a great blessing to me and I’m so glad that God place you directly on my path. I love you too! God is Amazing!!!


  2. Amdn n Amen! I am absolutely blessed by your beautiful testimony and I can’t wait for God to give you the grace to share more! Thank you and keeping sharing and shinning the glorious light of Christ in you 🙂 Blessings and more!


    1. Hi Shade! I am excited to meet you via wordpress! Thank you for encouraging me. I am so happy that you enjoyed reading about my trip to heaven. I was a pleasure for me to share this. It really make me happy to know that their are believeing believers, who know that with God all things are possible. I love to testify and I also love to hear testimonies. I plan to share a miracle that God allowed me to be apart of as well. It was amazing. If God allows me to write about it, with pleasure I will. Thank you again for being a blessing to me! God bless you! 🙂


  3. Love the book Heaven is for real. Can’t wait to see the movie. Pray you you’ve a speedy recovery. Love your envision of Heaven. That is so precious! xox


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